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About the Book

Book:  Indebted
Author: Charmayne Hafen
Genre: Young Adult, Adventure, Mythology
Release Date: August 25, 2019
jack5.500x8.500.inddWhen the abandoned princess discovers a friend, some muscle, and a passion for swords, she also acquires the crucible by which she uncovers the mysterious key to unlock her grief and win true freedom. Or will her strength confound her future in the kingdom to which she rides?
At the mythical edge of the Berkshire Forests, Wren finds herself rattling around in an austere castle, abandoned by the King and Queen. King Belodawn seems to blame his daughter for the mysterious disappearance of his wife, and he avoids his daughter at all costs in favor of conquests requiring his person away from the kingdom. But, things are about to change; the princess has matured. Wren’s spirit refuses to remain the lost bird she became at age twelve. With the aid of the cook and the cook’s son, Wren discovers her unknown dexterity in sword fighting. With it, she believes a new community in which to live will open up but is this young girl prepared to encounter deceptive ghosts, angels, and demons in the maze of the forest to attain her aim?

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About the Author

headshot Charmayne HafenCharmayne Hafen is a graduate of John Brown University and has her masters in counseling from the Denver Seminary. Her love of Celtic mythology in Christian themes inspired her to write her debut Young Adult novelIndebted: The Berkshire Dragon. She is a fan of the author, Stephen Lawhead.
She has written several short stories for children, teens, and adults, as well as the fantasy trilogy being published in 2020 by Capture Books, called, The Land of TwilightShe is currently working on the development of her sequel to The Berkshire Dragon.
Charmayne has a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism and psychology as well as a Master of Arts degree in counseling. When she’s not writing, Charmayne is running counseling groups for adults and a therapeutic photography group for teens. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband John and her two chihuahuas, Pepe and Frida.

More from Charmayne

Hello, Readers, Educators, Book Reviewers and Celebrate Lit Bloggers!
Although I am new to a lot of social media, I have heard that your group is a fantastic resource to new authors. Being a little bit of an introvert, you might even call me reluctant or a slow starter, but I assure you that I can imagine strategies and battle in the heavenlies for readers’ minds with the best of ’em. I say, “Let’s go!”
Please feel free to connect with me on any social media platform, or to write to me directly. I have loved engaging with anyone who has read my book and has sent me a comment or question. Because Indebted was published, I was thrilled to be able to speak to a group of college students taking coursework in literature and writing at Texas Tech last year.
I love facilitating creative writing seminars especially speaking to authors about how to join a system of discipline and creativity to overcome writer’s block.
My hope, however, is to be able to engage more students in elementary school and junior high about the topics in my books because I write about the things facing young people with a certain perspective that the Lord sees them right where they are, that God actually cares deeply for them, and that He has answers for them.  These answers include that Jesus paid the penalty for a kid’s lying, bullying, violence, disbelief, envy, and rebellion and that bringing them to back to God means that they get to be adopted into His kingdom as princes and princesses.
I hope that my books provide that suspension of disbelief needed for us all to see the possibility of walking in faith with others in traumatic times and to experience the wonders of God’s word to us.
Sincerely and Gratefully,


This is a very enchanting story set in the 16th century. Oh how I loved reading about castles, knights, princesses and oh yes a dragon. The story is filled with adventure, danger and a young princess who is destined to fight with a sword. In the days where the story is set, it is unheard of for a young girl to be able to use a sword to fight or even to spar. As the story continues the author illustrates the  Armor of God in a brilliant way.

Princess Wren is by far the best character in the story. She is fierce, beautiful and also holds a deep hurt in her heart. It was sad to learn that her mother had abandoned her at such a young age. Wren has carried the guilt of being the reason her mother left. Her father the king has completely turned his back on Wren. What a horrible way to live thinking you caused a parent to leave and know that your father detests the sight of you. 

I loved the imagination the author used in having Wren travel to another kingdom and use her ability with the sword to find a new home. The fights were very vividly written. I could hear the clank as two swords collided against each other. Wren finds herself in danger when she is demanded to slay the dragon or find herself locked away forever. Would it be better for her to give into the dragon and be its slave? I cheered as I understood the semblance of what the dragon represented. The dragon or as I refer to it as the enemy or devil whispered lies to Wren in order to control her. She allowed her fears to overtake her mind and fell victim to the enemy's lies. The enemy is the father of lies. He will convince you that he knows what is best for you. He will entice you to follow him thinking you are doing the right thing.

One of the main things Wren lacked was trust and belief in herself. The author does an excellent job of showing us how easy it can be to fall for lies from the enemy. Wren felt she was not good enough for anyone and would never find love. The enemy loves to devour us with lies and Wren needed to build her faith in order to slay her demon. I loved reading how Wren slowly began to read the Bible and open her heart to the One who loves us unconditionally. Will Wren be able to trust anyone or will she wander the earth always guarding her heart? 

The story is filled with wonderful characters who come into Wren's life and try to show her what friendship means. The action is good and the description of the dragon is one that I will not forget. This is not just another princess in distress knight in shining armor to the rescue story. What it is however is a story that uses a young princess to show us how to slay our enemy.  God never leaves us. He is always there and all we need to do is have faith and trust.

" We all need someone we can count on to be there for us when other people let us down."

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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More Than A Second Chance FB BannerAbout the Book

Book:  More Than A Second Chance
Author: Lisa Renee
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Release Date: August 30, 2019
Does Cassie deserve another chance at love?
Cassie Chambers, a dedicated youth worker, is determined to rescue the troubled youth in the city of Perth, Australia.
Cassie has made mistakes but hasn’t allowed tragedy or divorce to stop her. She devotes every working hour at Youth Connect. But her own needs are neglected.
Chef Chris Evanson offers work experience to young men from Youth Connect. Cassie and Chris’s encounters become more than sassy bantering with a hint of attraction. Chris is a sincere romantic.
How will Chris respond when he finds out her secret? She must tell him before he falls in love. Will he believe she deserves more than a second chance?
To complicate matters, one of Youth Connect’s troubled teens needs rescuing. She’s pregnant and moves in with Cassie, bringing absolute chaos. Chris gains insight into what life with Cassie involves. Does he still want the total package? Is Chris her true soul mate?

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About the Author

Lisa Ren’ee is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Omega Writers, Australia. With an Australian theme, she wrote the Single Again series featuring More Than a Second Chance and Acres of Promise, to encourage women to heal past wounds and to dare trust again.
Lisa adores babies enough to have seven of her own. Recently, Lisa has taken up breeding Ragdoll cats instead of breeding humans.
The tribe lives in Australia, where Lisa and her husband enjoy their writing projects, public speaking, and are on the pastoral team at their church.

More from Lisa

What inspired you to start writing?
I’ve read many wonderful Christian novels of first-time love. Unfortunately, not all of us have experienced a strong lasting marriage. I’ve met many women who’ve had a husband turn away from their Christian faith and left the marriage. I want to encourage those women that God can restore what was lost with a faithful man.
My message is not to rush ahead of God’s timing. My characters are more cautious since they know life can throw unexpected blows. They learn to trust and open their hearts again, which takes time.
My first series tackles the central issue of divorce. More Than A Second Chance also addresses the challenges of infertility and grief. The story is wrapped around a new romance with plenty of humor and light-hearted moments to balance out the themes.


I did enjoy the setting of the story in Australia. The author describes the place beautifully and I could here the accent as the people spoke .Cassie was a complicated character to me. Her heart was for helping youth and making a difference in their life. I loved reading about the programs Cassie had set up and the opportunities she was able to give. The story does take on some difficult issues like drug abuse, abortion, premarital sex and suicide. The author handles these subjects with grace and shows how hard it is to overcome some of these issues. There are a few moments when curse words were used that may offend some. 

It was easy for Cassie to relate to the youth because she had faced similar issues in her life. It was hard to hear her tell her friend Chris about her past and the loss she experienced. With her ability to share her secret, I think it helped Chris see her in a different light. Chris is an accomplished chef who now owns his own restaurant. The amazing food that was described in the story made me hungry, The details were good and I appreciate the author making the cuisine fit the place the story was set in. 

The story has many layers of trust and forgiveness in the story. The title of the book fits perfectly with the story because we all deserve chances. God never gives up on us and in the story, Chris was willing to give Cassie as many chances as needed for her to realize who she was in Christ and that she could trust a man. There are some moments in the story that are difficult to read such as emotional abuse which is hard to overcome. 

I have often wondered if I ever made a difference in a child's life when I was a Children's Pastor. I may not ever know that answer but the author offers a great example of making a difference for someone in the story. A young woman who Cassie mentored comes back into her life and I think this was my favorite part of the story. It is a roller coaster ride with this person and it shows  cracks in Chris and Cassie's relationship. I sometimes thought that Cassie was to pushy and always wanted to control everything. Their relationship is put to the test when this young woman needs help. It is a good story that explores relationships as well as trusting God. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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Research librarian Savannah Sanderson wants nothing more than to escape into her happily-ever-after novels with their larger-than-life fictional heroes. But a promise to her late husband has her attending her dreaded twenty-year high school reunion, drinking ghastly punch, and taking desperate measures just to keep her vow, even if she has to hide behind the décor to do it.
Once a reckless troublemaker, Michael McCann fled town after graduation. Now a professional technical rescuer, he’s back for the reunion, but on his trip down memory lane, he soon comes face to face with unresolved issues, namely Savannah.
Before the night is over, a pact between these two old friends will lead them on an adventure into uncharted emotional territory where Michael must confront his past regrets and find the courage to reveal the truth. But can Savannah fly from her sheltered nest and risk her heart on a real-life hero?
Book: A Promise to Keep
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Anaiah Press
Release Date: Jan 21, 2020 (E-book and Print)
ISBN: 978-1-947327-72-6

Melony Teague is a freelance writer who believes everyone has a story to tell.  As co-author of As the Ink Flows, she loves to inspire and motivate others through her written words. She writes Contemporary Romance with a dash of humor. Member of ACFW. She has never met a Starbucks she didn’t love and has been known to eat vegetables for breakfast—well, pumpkin pie—same thing. Melony was born in South Africa and now lives in Toronto with her husband, their two teenagers, and two cats.

For More Visit the A Promise to Keep page

A delightful romance sure to please anyone looking for a story about second chances, grace, and hope. This one has all the right ingredients!”
—Catherine West, award-winning author of Where Hope Begins
With beautiful tenderness, Melony Teague has given us a window into the joy, sorrow, humor, and soaring love of characters that come alive. Be ready to have your heart stolen in this must-read fiction debut.”
—Mikal Dawn, author of the EMERALD CITY ROMANCE series
A Promise to Keep by Melony Teague is a welcome addition to the contemporary romance genre. Layers of laughter, chemistry, and unexpected intensity make Michael and Savannah’s story a wonderful surprise! A Promise to Keep shows the skill of a talented author who can sensitively tackle subjects like cancer and grief while still producing a laugh-out-loud story! I can’t wait to read whatever Melony Teague writes next!
—V. Joy Palmer, Author of Love, Lace, and Minor Alterations and Weddings, Willows, and Revised Expectations
With charm, wit, and romance, Teague’s debut novel takes readers on a journey of second chances, grace… and a trusty fern. Hope and humor blend throughout the story, balancing deep emotions with lighter moments and a sweet romance besides. A bright new voice in Christian fiction!”
—Carrie Schmidt,


Oh I hope you are ready with tissues as you read this moving and emotional story. It is filled with  warmth, faith and unforgettable characters.  How many of you have ever made a promise that you knew you had to keep? In this story a promise will test two people's faith and trust while finding their way to letting go of the past. Savannah is a wonderful character who works as a research librarian. I loved reading about her days as she helped patrons and discovered wonderful books to take home for herself. She has suffered a great loss and her grief has overtaken her. I don't think she was really living, but just going through the emotions everyday. Her pain can be felt as she locks herself away in her apartment. Can anybody find a way to her heart again?

Michael is an on-call extreme rescue worker who has known Savannah since childhood.  The authors' details about his job is eye opening. You are in for a treat as we witness a rescue that will take everything Michael has to survive.  I loved learning how much Michael has always cared for Savannah. It haunts him even now that he has never expressed his feelings for Savannah. Have you ever regretted not telling someone how you felt?  The night they reconnect will cause a stirring within them that the author explores in a candid and engaging way.

I loved how the author shares how Savannah is afraid to take chances. She is so scared to lose someone she loves, that she has locked her heart away. Will she learn to live again and begin to trust those around her?  Her lack of faith will catch up with her as she realizes that , "God is grieving over us when we walk away from Him." That is something I never thought of, but God does grieve and he wants us to come back to Him.

The book is a compelling story of second chances, promises and trust. It will leave you with a feeling of hope as you find out what where  Savannah and Michael's journey takes them. It is easy to recommend this book because it is a breathtaking look at God's unfailing love. God never breaks a promise.

" I've learned that opportunities pass you by if you hesitate."

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Anaiah Press.  The review is my own opinion.

The Gracy Chamber FB BannerAbout the Book

Book:  The Gray Chamber
Author: Grace Hitchcock
Genre:  Christian Historical / Suspense
Release Date: January, 2020
The Gray ChamberWill Edyth prove her sanity before it is too late?
Step into True Colors—a new series of Historical Stories of Romance and American Crime
On Blackwell’s Island, New York, a hospital was built to keep its patients from ever leaving.
With her late parents’ fortune under her uncle’s care until her twenty-fifth birthday in the year 1887, Edyth Foster does not feel pressured to marry or to bow to society’s demands. She freely indulges in eccentric hobbies like fencing and riding her velocipede in her cycling costume about the city for all to see. Finding a loophole in the will, though, her uncle whisks Edyth off to the women’s lunatic asylum just weeks before her birthday. And Edyth fears she will never be found.
At the asylum she meets another inmate, who upon discovering Edyth’s plight, confesses that she is Nellie Bly, an undercover journalist for The World. Will either woman find a way to leave the terrifying island and reclaim her true self?

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About the Author

GraceHitchcock_BWGrace Hitchcock is the author of three novellas in The Second Chance BridesThe Southern Belle Brides, and the Thimbles and Threads collections with Barbour Publishing. The White City is her debut novel and releases March 2019 with Barbour Publishing. She holds a Masters in Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in History. Grace lives in southern Louisiana with her husband, Dakota, and son. Visit Grace online at

More from Grace

I am thrilled to share with you my second novel in the True Colors series, The Gray Chamber, which is set in New York City in 1887. I loved writing about Edyth Foster, our cat-rescuing, spunky heroine who spends her days painting, fencing with her dreamy instructor, and avoiding society at all costs, which as you can imagine, comes back to haunt her before the end. I’ve never written about a character who despised reading, so that was a new one for me. Edyth just doesn’t like to sit still long enough to finish a book, but you’ll find out why later.

I am pretty certain the librarians at my local branch are wondering what in the world my hobbies are, judging from the stacks of fencing books for beginners, histories of New York crime in the 19th century, and Nellie Bly’s Ten Days in a Mad-House, and more that I have continuously checked out since moving back to Louisiana.

The inspiration for this book came from Nellie Bly’s scandalous exposé for Joseph Pulitzer’s newspaper, The World. In reading Nellie’s articles, I was shocked at the grounds by which the asylum would commit women and that’s when I discovered a tiny mention about an heiress with family members who had her tucked away so they could have her fortune. . .and Edyth Foster was born.

I hope you will enjoy reading about our eccentric leading lady and her fencing master hero, Raoul “Bane” Banebridge. If you are interested in seeing pictures of the asylum and to see what I pictured the characters looking like, check out my Pinterest board here.

Thank you for joining the fun for the Celebrate Lit tour! Join my author newsletter for more bookish news and to find out what is coming next! Just enter your e-mail address and name here. Happy Reading!

“With beautiful description and shiver-worthy scenes, Grace Hitchcock has penned an incredible fiction story based on true history. The Gray Chamber was a fascinating and chilling read. Edyth’s story had me glued to the pages. But as I journeyed with the heiress and her eccentricities, the greed of her family which saw her locked up in an asylum against her will made me grateful for the freedoms I have today. And made me pray that my voice would never be silenced. The nightmare was brought to life so vividly that I found myself holding my breath and then cheering on Bane as he never gave up on Edyth. This is a story that will stick with me for a long time…”

~Kimberley Woodhouse – Carol-Award winning and Best-Selling Author of more than twenty books, including: MissTaken Identity, The Express Bride, The Golden Bride, The Patriot Bride, and The Mayflower Bride.


This story is one that will stay with you for many years. The details are very terrifying at times and it brought me to tears. I can’t begin to imagine the horror these women faced every day in a place that abused patients and caused deaths that were painful and inhumane.

Edyth is a wonderful character who does things other women disapprove of. I loved learning about fencing and how there were women who were gifted in this area. Greed is the  main  theme in this book as Edyth falls victim to her Uncles’ treacherous scheme to put her away and steal her fortune.

There is one character that I absolutely loved in the book. Bane is a brilliant fence instructor who happens to take a shining to Edyth. His love for Edyth is evident as he never gives up trying to find her. Yes to me he is a knight in shining armor.  It was intriguing to read how their relationship developed. Bane knows something is wrong when Edyth doesn’t show up to meet him one day. Edyth’s Uncle is callous and makes up lies as to where Edyth  is. While Bane searches for her , Edyth ,is locked away in an asylum under false pretenses. The description of The Gray Chamber is unnerving and I had a hard time reading about it. The author does an amazing job of vividly recounting what went on at the asylum and I was very interested in reading about an undercover journalist in the midst of patients.

The story is based on a true crime with fictional liberties that enhance the story. Once I started reading the book, I couldn’t put it down. I had to find out if Bane would save Edyth before it was too late. The thought of Edyth never being rescued had my heart pumping. After reading this book I will be exploring more about this asylum and the treatment that women were forced to endure. The faith element is good in the story and gives hope to Edyth. Even though this is just the beginning of the new year, this book will be placed on my list for favorite 2020 books .

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review. I also received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit.

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