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SNOW GLOBE TRAVELERS: Samuel’s Legacy ~ Feature & Review!

Snow Globe Travelers on tour with Celebrate Lit and featured on CarpeDiem.fyiA mysterious snow globe shop. 

A multiverse at war. 

And a girl searching for her father.

In the heart of Vienna, twelve-year-old Sarah Ann Reisende wanders into a mysterious shop where snow globes double as portals to other worlds.CLICK TO TWEET  After breaking the globe tethered to Earth, she discovers a cryptic note scribbled on the back of a photograph. The note links her father, who left before her third birthday, to a place called Elohi. Could this be a chance to find her father at last?

Unable to return home, Sarah follows the lead into the world of Elohi. But an army of vicious hybrids led by a genetically engineered warrior named Malvine now rules the once peaceful planet, and she becomes a target as Malvine wants to use the shop’s connections to wage war.

Can Sarah uncover the truth behind her father leaving and find a way home before Malvine gains control of the shop?

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About the Author

K.A. Cummins, author of Snow Globe Travelers on tour with Celebrate Lit and featured on CarpeDiem.fyiK.A. Cummins is an award-winning indie author who enjoys delving into the wonders of the universe to connect human experiences with imaginary settings filled with possibility and adventure. Her work has appeared on and she’s a former Lands Uncharted contributor.

Cummins lives in Alabama with her husband and their youngest son, whom she homeschools.

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First let me say how much I love snow globes. I always look at them when I see them in shops. I love picking them up and shaking them while the snow slowly falls and sprinkles white on the item inside the dome. Some of them even have a windup that will play music. But what happens when you pick up a snow globe and everything changes? Nothing is the same and you find yourself in a strange place. That’s the premise of this enchanting story that allows the author to use her imagination and take readers on an adventure of mystery. 

Sarah is at the heart of the story as she finds herself in a strange land. I did get a bit confused at all the gadgets and instructions she found in the shop. I felt like I was on overload at times while I tried to maneuver through the story.  There is a lot going on and many strange creatures lurked about in this place that was unknown to Sarah. Her goal was to get back home and  undo her mistake. A shattered snow globe, adventures that test her strength and hope awaits readers in this sci- fi adventure.
I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.


It is hard to believe that this is a debut book. I was blown away by the emotions that seeped through the pages and the characters that I began to feel like I knew. Hands down my favorite character has to be Harvey. This sweet homeless  man embraces a baby that someone tossed away and protected it as his own. I wondered why the baby was left and why a mother would abandon her baby? His story tugged in my heart so much I wanted to give him a hug. Maybe he thinks there is no hope or reason for his life, but God in His perfect time will reveal the call He  has on his life. 

I love dual time stories and this one was one I will never forget. The author handles the time slips with ease and allows readers to grasp the intensity the story will take. It was easy  to cheer for Harvey because he loved the child with everything he had. His protectiveness was priceless and I loved how people reached out to help him. 

When we go to the present we are introduced to Ivy. My very first thought as I got to know her was that she needed to run as fast as she could away from her boyfriend. He is emotionally and physically abusive, rude, arrogant and unpleasant. 

The author delivers a story filled with abandonment, PTSD, secrets, pain and the knowledge that we all belong to God. As Ivy uncovers her past, she realizes that her life does matter and soon she comes to accept that God was watching over her. There are other characters in the story that bring wisdom, hope, longing for family and forgiveness. This is a must read for everyone who loves a great story that not only illustrates kindness, hope and family, but twists that will surprise you. 

I received a copy of this book from The Librarything Early Reader Program.


I have loved every book in this series. Each one fills me with joy and comfort. I feel as if Sadie and her family have invited me into their home to visit. The author has a way that makes me wish this was a real family and we could be friends. I would love to sit and eat dinner with them, join them at church services and be part of their nightly Devotionals. 

Sadie is not content with her relationship with Wyman. He flitters from job to job and that makes her have doubts . How can she marry someone who doesn’t have a steady job? I enjoyed reading how they try to work things out but they do not see eye to eye on things. 

When an unexpected inheritance comes to Sadie, her dream of writing a book seems possible to achieve now. I loved reading how she incorporates Hawaiian designs with Amish designs to make beautiful quilts. The book offers a variety of styles along with facts  about Hawaii. I would definitely purchase her book. Not everyone in the family is happy that Sadie inherited so much money. After all her sisters didn’t get anywhere near the amount Sadie did. The author examines how jealousy can cause friction among friends and families. 

I really enjoyed how the family realizes they need to be happy for Sadie and encourage her as she publishes her book. There is a little conflict in the story between a married couple that I found to be quite interesting, The Amish deal with similar issues as we do and money seemed to be one of the big problems between this husband and wife. I liked how the author had them  seek a Christian counselor for help. At times I though the wife was bitter and allowed her anger to push her husband away. 

One of my favorite parts of the book was the turmoil Sadie had as she started to become famous due to her book. She has less time to help with chores and her relationship with Wyman suffers as well. Is pride getting in her way? The author demonstrates how important prayer is and supporting each other in time of need. Sadie is surrounded by Godly people who along with God’s guidance make decisions that will honor Him. Do Sadie and Wyman reconcile and get married? You have to read the book to find out. 

I received a copy of this  book from the author and publisher. The review is my own opinion.


snuffed out

About the Book

Book: Snuffed Out

Author: Barbara Cornthwaite

Genre: Christian cozy mystery

Release Date: July 24, 2020

2- Snuffed Out-smPicnics can be murder… scenes.

What was supposed to be a romantic picnic at “their spot” turns criminal when Katrina and Todd stumble—almost literally—over a body.

What’s the college chef doing under a bush up in the mountains? Other than being dead, that is.

Who killed him? Why?

All clues point to people who Katrina is certain didn’t do it. Especially the one who ends up dead himself.

Uh, oh.

Thanks to a slow-burning romantic relationship that can’t seem to get past chapter one, and a determination to save her friend from false arrest, Katrina joins Todd again as they riddle out bizarre clues, weed through unlikely suspects, and learn to communicate on a more personal level.

What do you get when you combine literary humor, sweet romance, and a practical helping of faith? A cozy mystery that’ll keep you guessing. Barbara Cornthwaite’s second Wilkester Mystery has everything you want for a cozy read.

Snag Snuffed Out today.


Click here to get your copy!


About the Author

Barbara Cornthwaite headshotBarbara Cornthwaite lives in the middle of Ireland with her husband and children. She taught college English before “retiring” to do something she loves far more; her days are now filled with homeschooling her six children, trying to keep the house tidy (a losing battle), and trying to stay warm in the damp Irish climate (also a losing battle). She is surrounded by medieval castles, picturesque flocks of sheep, and ancient stone monuments. These things are unappreciated by her children, who are more impressed by traffic jams, skyscrapers, and hot weather.


Teaser for Snuffed Out

Todd closed the folder with the Franklin case paperwork in it and laid it on top of the stack of folders waiting to be filed. He almost reached for the Delaney case notes again but resisted the impulse. There was no new information in there, and he’d gone over everything a dozen times in the last few days. He had promised Katrina he wouldn’t give up, but without any new leads to pursue, there wasn’t much he could do.

He shook his head, impatient with himself. He’d been doing so well at putting her out of his mind—hadn’t thought of her all day until this moment. Now he’d probably be struggling for the rest of the day.

John Ortega poked his head into Todd’s office.

“Hey, we just got a call from the librarian at Wilkester College about the theft of a manuscript. The chief said either one of us could go, but I thought you might like to take it.”


“Oh, come on,” said John. “You think I’m blind and deaf?”

“It’s no use. Nothing’s going to happen between Dr. Peters and me.”

John leaned up against the door frame and grinned at him. “’Dr. Peters,’ huh? She was ‘Katrina’ for weeks.”

“Well, that was before. Now that I know a relationship isn’t possible, I need to keep my distance.”

“She turned you down?”

“I didn’t ask, but trust me, I know what I’m talking about.”

“Hmm,” John said. “You don’t usually give up on things so easily. Well, do you mind handling this anyway? I’ve got that other robbery case to deal with, and I’m supposed to be interviewing that guy from Tacoma in a couple hours.” Todd hesitated and John added, “She’s an adjunct professor, right? She’s probably not even on campus now, and she certainly won’t be in the library.”

“Oh, okay.” Todd sighed. He pushed back his chair and stood up.

“’Attaboy. Thanks for taking the call.” John turned to go and then looked back. “It will get easier, you know.”

“I know.” As long as I don’t see her again. 


This is the second book in the series and I am really enjoying the writing style of the author. She mixes faith, history and mystery into a book that is fun to read. The characters are good and I loved reading about Katrina and Todd. I found it interesting that Todd wanted to take their relationship slow and you can feel at times that Katrina is wondering if they will ever move forward. It is something to be attentive of throughout the story. 

Now the murder was expected in the book, but who the victim was I was not prepared for. Everyone is getting ready for lectures and exhibits for The Regency Conference. The author shines as she gives historic facts about this time period. I almost forgot about the murder because I was so intrigued by the Regency period. My head did do a double take as we find out   that someone on staff at the college could be a suspect for murder. The suspense builds as a list of suspects start piling up. 

I did like that the author gave us a more in-depth look at Katrina. She is having problems believing Todd loves her. Her fear is starting to take over and it may push Todd away. It was an interesting side story and I really enjoyed how she decides to share her fears with Todd. Oh Todd is such a good man and he is going to make someone a great husband some day. 

I was surprised at how the murder was solved and who the killer was. The author does a great job of leaving  a subtle trail but I seemed to not catch on as fast as I should have. I hope you are ready for a tour through literature, history and a well defined murder mystery. I was thrilled by the ending and hope  we get another book in the series, 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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About the Book

Book: Train to Laramie

Author: Andrew Roth

Genre: Historical Fiction

Release Date: August 30

Runaway! Tess flees her lecherous stepfather but takes the wrong train, arriving in Laramie. This end of tracks town bursts with workers building the Transcontinental Railroad, striving to lay the rails that will connect a nation. Threatened by outlaws, Tess is helped by Brett Calloway, a tie cutter for the Union Pacific. But when her stepfather locates her and joins the outlaws terrorizing the region, will her newfound faith in Christ be enough to guide Tess through the danger?


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About the Author

Author of Wildfire For Rose, Andrew Roth joined the U.S. Army before attending California State University, Bakersfield. He taught American History for twenty-two years at the middle school level before beginning his literary career. Married for over thirty years to his wife, Laurie, Andrew has two married adult children and is a proud grandfather. A native of Kansas, Andrew was raised with a deep love and appreciation for history, particularly the Old West. Andrew’s hope is to glorify God and encourage readers through his writing.


More from Andrew

The American West has always fascinated me with ruggedly beautiful landscapes and the indomitable spirit of the pioneers.  When building the Transcontinental Railroad, nothing could stop the people from their goal. This innovation and tenacity has shaped our soul, our character as a nation. This deep sense of perseverance encourages me through the tough times we face today.


To our God and Creator, able to transform lives and redirect paths. Thank you, Savior.

“. . . And I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt.” –Jeremiah 31:4


Wow. This book has been a real adventure into the Old West. I don’t think I have read a book quite so realistic as this one that depicts the time period so precisely. I completely  submerged myself in this story and felt like I was given a front row seat to a Western movie. Times were hard in those  days and everyone worked tirelessly to gain a little bit of land for themselves. 

The beginning of the book was heartbreaking as we witness the ruthless treatment that Tess endured at the hands of her step-father. He was such a mean spirited person that just reading his name made my skin crawl. It was no accident that Tess found herself in a train going to Laramie. She thinks that she has landed in the wrong town, but God had a plan for her. I admired her determination and deep faith. Being a young lady, she definitely had more courage than most her age. I cheered when she was finally away from the man who caused her pain everyday. 

The town was quite a sight to see through the eyes of Tess. It looks like a booming town, but just under the layer of dirt lay an evil presence. Men were desperate to steal, kill and destroy for their gain.   Brett was a breath of fresh air as he took Tess under his  wings. I loved how Brett became a protector for Tess and would do anything to make her happy. He is like a silent presence that stands guard over those he loves.

There is much going on in the town as killings start happening by a group of greedy men. I knew trouble was brewing and the author doesn’t disappoint with his vivid description of a town in turmoil. I can’t imagine living in a time when there was danger at every turn. The story is a wonderful example of trusting God and finding peace in His presence. I’m sad to see the story end as I wanted  to continue my journey with Brett and Tess. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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About the Book

Book: What You Said to Me

Author: Olivia Newport

Genre: Christian Fiction

Release Date: November 2020

Book 4 in the Tree of Life Series: A Father-Daughter Genealogy Team Link Faith Journeys on Family Trees

When 15-year-old Tisha Crowder gets caught shoplifting, attorney Nolan Duffy tries to protect her from consequences that could rattle her already troubled life. His daughter, Jillian, feels like she’s the one being punished instead—by having Tisha assigned to work with her on a backlog of genealogy files. Tisha doesn’t seem interested in taking the job seriously, and Jillian’s patience wears thin. Besides, everyone in Canyon Mines knows the Crowder family has experienced generations of brokenness. Then a sliver of hope turns up in long-ago words in plain sight, challenging shrouded assumptions about Tisha’s family. Now Jillian is the one who can walk with Tisha back to 1893 and uncover where everything went wrong in the first place—and save her from the past.

What You Said to Me is the fourth book in the Tree of Life series by Olivia Newport. You’ll want to return to the lovely Colorado mountain town of Canyon Mines again and again to explore and celebrate unforgettable family stories that will inspire you to connect with your own family histories and unique faith journeys.


Click here to get your copy!


About the Author

Olivia Newport’s novels twist through time to find where faith and passions meet. Her husband and twentysomething children provide welcome distraction from the people stomping through her head on their way into her books. She chases joy in stunning Colorado at the foot of Pikes Peak.


More from Olivia

Careful Words


“You didn’t just say that.” Or, “I can’t believe you said that.”


Have you ever said that in retort to someone whose comment offended or wounded? I know I have. But what cuts me even more deeply is when I say to myself, “I can’t believe I just said that.”


The words of a parent at wit’s end, a spouse harboring hurt, a friend saddened by misunderstanding, an employee feeling undercut—they have all been my words. And they came out too fast to swallow back before they did their damage.


I hope I have also had the words of a parent who set aside busyness to listen, a spouse offering loving encouragement, a friend checking in with someone going through a tough patch, a coworker curious to see how I could help rather than compete. Those are the kinds of words I’ve never regretted, never had to repent of, never had to do rebuild from.


I certainly didn’t write What You Said to Me because I think I get it right all the time or even most of the time. Far from it! In our culture of rushing and achieving and—let’s face it, sometimes just getting through the demands of the day—sometimes our words are the last thing we are careful with. Yet they have the longest lasting consequence in our relationships and families—sometimes for generations. The dual-timeline story traces how words that injure became a pattern in one family line until one girl finally fought back to find healing for her future.


My challenge for myself, and all who read What You Said to Me, is to be the person who speaks healing words of hope so that “I can’t believe you said that” becomes “Thank you for saying that.”


If you have a particularly poignant experience of how another’s words impacted you, I’d love to hear from you.


Olivia Newport


This has been a very good series and I am very sad to see it end. I have enjoyed following the daughter and dad team as they shuffle back and forth in time. It has been intriguing to learn about genealogy and the secrets that are uncovered. Nolan and Jillian are a great duo and their desire to help others is contagious. 

I didn’t know what to expect when Tisha comes on the scene. With a chip on her shoulders this fifteen year old will be hard to reach. The intensity of this story is how past generations do influence the future if the generational curse is not broken. Oh how I felt for Tisha when her mom called her stupid. There was never a day growing up that I didn’t hear how stupid I was and that I would never amount to anything. Like Tisha I figured why bother when everyone expected to see you fail. When I read, “ We all have reasons for the ways we express how we feel, even if we don’t understand them,” I understood that Tisha was acting out because she was hurt. Her desire to be accepted and loved is evident throughout the story.  Words do sting and it is hard for that pain to go away. Can Nolan and Jillian make a difference in Tisha’s life?

When we travel back in time to 1893 we meet a family on the brink of financial disaster. Mining in the town has taken a hit and caused stores to go out of business, banks to close, people losing their jobs and hopelessness covering the entire towns people. I witnessed the collapse of a town and the despair the people felt as the author described with great detail what it may have been like during this time period. Desperate men trying to survive and a family seeing their future turn bleak makes this story so hard to stop reading. 

I knew there was going to be twists but some took me by surprise. Every action had a reaction and this story is full of bad decisions, desperate decisions and decisions that tear families apart. There are parts in the story where I became angry because men were being blamed for unforeseen demise in economy. That hatred seemed to continue in the family for generations and cause the women to dislike or mistrust men. As you read the story you will see where one woman is so disgusted with her husband’s decisions that she basically turns her back on him. How sad that she became  bitter and couldn’t see that her husband was trying  to make a bad situation better? 

The ending is bitter sweet and as I finished the last page, tears fell down my cheeks. It is a beautiful story of overcoming obstacles in your life and finding courage to accept what cannot be changed. Tisha is a strong young woman and even though her life has been filled with words that hurt and made her feel unwanted, she now can be proud of who she has become .  We don’t get to choose our family, but we do choose whether to forgive or let the past ruin our future.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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