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 I liked the theme of the book how the author explored military personnel and the repercussions war has on them.  It was nice to read about PTSD in a realistic way and show how hard it is to overcome this illness. The title is perfect for this story and was intriguing to read.

Two peoples lives collide in this action packed story as a dead body turns up and danger follows. The two main characters work well together and I liked how they each had a past that was similar.

It is a fast paced story that looks at the military and delivers an  edge of your seat thrilling book with danger, adventure and a bit of romance. This is one book you don’t want to miss.

I received a copy of this book from Librarything Early Readers Program.  The review is my own opinion.

This story had me from the first few pages and I knew this would be a great book. Vivian is a journalist who receives  a call from her boss to meet him. You could feel the uneasiness in  Vivian who thought it was odd he wanted to meet her. When she gets to her destination she finds her boss dead. What did he want to tell her? Her instincts kick in as she starts to dig into his death.

Ryan is a detective who is serious about his job. When he teams up with Vivian the intrigue heightens. I liked how the author showed how two characters work together as they slowly develop feelings for each other. It was nice to have the focus on the mystery more than the romance.

The author doesn’t disappoint suspense readers as the investigation finds Vivian and Ryan in danger. The twists in the story are unexpected which makes for an exciting read. I have found a new to me author who can write intriguing stories that are clean, adventurous and filled with wonderful characters.

I received a copy of this book from the Librarything Early Readers Program. The review is my own opinion.


The story is filled with adventure as the author takes us into a world of danger and intrigue. I loved getting to know Orion. He had the characteristics of a moody, unhappy yet brave personality. He can’t forgive himself for something  that happened in the past.

Jenny reminds me of a daredevil who holds a secret that is controlling her life. When the pair team up,  the action starts and emotions flow into an explosive journey. I absolutely loved reading about Alaska. It was easy to visualize the area with  details the author provides. The author never disappoints with stories that weave faith throughout as we sit on the edge of our seat as daring rescues keep the characters busy.

I liked reading about mountain climbing and appreciated how people put their lives on the line to save others. I can’t imagine dangling from a rope as they use their skills to rescue others. Get ready for a super charged action filled story that will make you want to read as fast as you can to see what happens.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell Publishing Blogger Program. The review is my own opinion.

Hidden Current FB BannerAbout the Book

Book: Hidden Current
Author: Sharon Hinck
Genre: Christian Fantasy
Release Date: January 14, 2020
Hidden_CurrentThe dancers of the Order direct their floating world of Meriel with their movements, but are they steering it toward destruction ?
Calara spent her life learning dance patterns and seeking to become the perfect servant to her people. When she discovers the work of the Order is built on lies, she flees with a rough-edged herder, Brantley of Windswell.   Pursued by soldiers of the Order, her journey through the suffering villages of the rim leads her to a forgotten truth that sends ripples through her world—and through her soul.
Calara’s seeks clues to her forgotten family, discovers newfound courage in the face of danger, and awakens a growing but forbidden affection for Brantley. Yet even his support can’t fully be trusted, since he’d rather destroy the Order than bring reform.
She is a lone woman facing opposition from rim villages and treachery from the all-powerful Order. Can she restore the dance to its true purpose and bring freedom and hope to her people?

Click here to get your copy!

About the Author

CRW_2024 copyAward-winning author of the ground-breaking Sword of Lyric series, Sharon Hinck is a wife, mom, and recent grandma, has an M.A. in communication, and has served as the artistic director of a Christian performing arts group, a church youth worker, and a professional choreographer, and an adjunct writing professor. To learn more about her writing, visit her at

More from Sharon

Have you ever felt that nothing you do is ever enough? Not good enough? Meaningful enough? Do you ever think that if you could be more perfect, all your problems would be solved? In my new novel, I explore a character whose entire culture tells her that she must achieve perfection – and that answers to her world’s problems rest solely on human effort. Set in an imaginative fantasy world, I hope her journey will ring true for readers in our world.
I’m so excited to finally be able to share my new novel, Hidden Current, with readers. Can you see me Snoopy dancing?
And speaking of dancing …

What inspired this new series?
 Years before I wrote my first novel, I worked as a dance teacher, choreographer, and artistic director of a Christian dance company. So, when my agent and I were discussing ideas for my next book, he said, “In all your other novels, you’ve never drawn from your experience in dance. I’d love to see you create a brand-new fantasy world and utilize dance in some way.”
I began mulling the idea, and within days, a character had come to life.
In my new novel, Hidden Current, the dancers of the Order direct their floating world with their movements but are steering it toward destruction. One lone dancer fights to overcome opposition from rim villages and treachery from the all-powerful Order and bring a forgotten truth to her people.

Is this part of a series?
Yes, but this is a stand-alone story. That means that although I’ve written more books with these characters, you don’t have to wait for the series to release, fearing an unresolved ending to book one. The story is complete of itself, with just a hint of the next adventure to follow. I’ve already done my revisions on the second book and have finished writing book three. J

Why should I order soon?
This is being released in limited edition hardcover. That means when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Is this similar to the Sword of Lyric books?
Yes and no. It’s not a “portal fantasy” – no modern-day character visits this world. However, like my other fantasy series, the book was inspired by spiritual themes, delves deeply into the heart of a character that many of us can relate to, and paints a unique story world full of both beauty and dangers. I’m so excited for its release!
At first I seemed so lost as I read the book. I couldn’t figure out what  was going on and then I settled down and started absorbing the words that glided  across the pages. Dancing plays a huge part in the story and it seemed to have power over people and the earth. The author does an incredible job of describing the rhythm of the dance and you could feel the ground tremble as the dancers set to work. It was a very strict place called The Order and Calara wanted to please those who cared for her. 
Day after day she danced patterns hoping that she would become perfect. I liked the doubt Calara had about The Order and her desire to get away from their control. She escapes and finds herself trusting Brantley. The rumors Calara hears about The Order make her sad and she knows she must never allow them to control her again. It was interesting to be introduced to the Maker and hear whispered words being told to Calara. It is a story filled with adventure and beings that are different from what we have ever seen. 
What I liked most about the story was the theme of good vs evil. When Calara realizes that she has been lied to, she desires to hear the Maker’s voice more clearly. Can the Maker free her from the evil she lived in?  Calara will have to decide who she can trust and if she can be set free from The Order. Reading about what Calara endures while under The Order’s power is frightening at times. If you don’t do everything perfect, they toss you aside like garbage. There were many secrets that started  to unravel as Calara rebels against a force that has kept her from her family and everything she loves. 
I enjoyed the story and how the author shared a world where battles against evil were challenged. The truth will set Calara free but at what cost? Will she be able to save those she loves? Can the Maker give her peace and show her a better life? Grab a copy and escape into a world where adventure awaits.
I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion. 

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About the Book

Book: Legion
Author: Shadia Hrichi
Genre: Bible Study
Release Date: Oct 8, 2019
Legion Final CoverHow far will Jesus go to rescue one lost soul?
Tormented, chained, and living in a graveyard, the man known only by the name of the demons that tormented him had no one to help him–no one to intercede for him. No one but Jesus. Climb into the boat with Jesus as He heads into enemy territory. Witness Jesus’s power and passion as He battles violent storms and armies of demons in order to rescue . . . one . . . lost . . . soul.
Through this six-week, action-packed Bible study, you will experience God’s relentless love as you celebrate the impassioned Savior Who moved heaven and earth to rescue you.

Click here for your copy!

About the Author

shadia“SHADIA HRICHI is a passionate Bible teacher, author, and speaker who has a heart for seeing lives transformed by the power of God’s Word. She has received a master’s in biblical and theological studies from Western Seminary as well as master’s in criminal justice from the State University of New York. In addition to LEGION, Shadia is the author of several Bible studies, including HAGAR and Worthy of Love. Shadia is often invited to speak at churches, conferences, and other events. Her insightful, witty, yet vulnerable teaching style reveals a compassion for the hurting, love for Jesus, and uncompromising commitment to the truth of God’s Word. Visit

More from Shadia

If there is one universal truth, it is that every human heart longs for paradise. A perfect world without death, pain, or sorrow. A world at peace, where each of us is secure, treasured, and loved. But the reality is that the world as we know it will never deliver; it cannot. Scripture tells us that “the whole world lies in the power of the evil one” (1 John 5:19).
As a result, you and I live in a broken world. A world that has been drifting off course ever since that slippery serpent enticed our first parents to reject God’s authority in that garden paradise so long ago. In that moment, they unwittingly handed over dominion of the earth to Satan on a silver platter. But this then begs the question. Why was God willing to risk rebellion in the Garden? And why would God allow His perfect creation to fall victim to the enemy’s schemes? And if God is good, why does He allow evil to exist?
Through this six-week study, you and I will explore the answers to these questions and more as we step into the fascinating story of the man known only by the name of the demons that tormented him. To be honest, I don’t know why I am attracted to the hard stories in the Bible. The messy stories. I suspect it stems, in part, from my own broken past. I can relate much easier to the broken people. The ones who experienced times when they felt unseen, or unloved, or unwanted. At the same time, their stories captivate my heart because when God reveals what He is doing behind the seen, His power and glory are displayed in ways that make my spirit soar!
So I invite you to come with me as we climb into the boat with Jesus and head into enemy territory. We will witness Jesus’s power and passion as He battles violent storms and armies of demons in order to rescue . . . one . . . lost . . . soul. Tormented, chained, and living in a graveyard, the man had no one to help him. No one to intercede for him. No one but Jesus. As a result:
  • A demoniac becomes a disciple.
  • A house of demons becomes a dwelling for the Living God.
  • The chained becomes a champion of good news.
You and I live in a world crying out for rescue. And just as Jesus was willing to cross the sea and rescue one man from the enemy’s chains, He crossed the heavens to rescue you and me from a fate even worse: eternal chains. But praise God that through His sacrifice for sin, Jesus conquered all the forces of evil and opened up the gates of paradise to all who embrace His mercy. So come with me. Let’s rediscover the God Who Rescues Me!
“For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son.” —Colossians 1:13 NASB


There are numerous Bible Studies available and they all follow a similar format. It is usually set up with an example of someone from the Bible followed by scriptures, explanations and then questions that can be done over a period of time. I wanted to take a very close look at this Bible Study and see if I could give a clear and concise reason why this one would be beneficial. 

I was cautious yet optimistic as I started to read. I wanted the study to intrigue me and make me want to dig deeper into what the author was trying to convey through the questions. Would I walk away feeling a deeper relationship with God? Could I discipline myself to do the study giving everything I had?  So l began my journey to find out how far God was willing to go to save each of us.  

The first part deals with the beginning as we get to know Adam and Eve. Okay so I pretty much have read this a million times and wanted to move on to the meat of the study. Oh how impatient I was when I almost overlooked something very significant in the study. If God had stepped in and stopped Adam and Eve's disobedience, then he would have taken away their freedom to choose. That just blows me away. From the beginning God was showing us that He wants the best for us, but we must decide which path we will chose. So I thought I knew it all, but that little sentence about free will opened my eyes to the choices we make each day. God could have stopped me from making a poor choice in my life, but if He did would I have learned anything? 

I loved how the author explains scripture like this; " Scripture can never contradict Scripture."  That is why I love this Bible Study so much. I found the reason to suggest this study to everyone.  In the study the author explains that sometimes we give part of our life that we think God can control and the other part we think we need to control ourselves. In reality God can control everything in our life if we freely give it to Him. We see over and over in the study where we have free will. It is our choice whether we want God to rescue us or not. 

We certainly aren't hiding anything from Him so why do we wan to hold on to things that keep us from completely surrendering to Him? I can say with confidence that this study is filled with truths that have helped me deal with struggles. I know I have kept some things to myself and not allowed God to help me. I have asked the question, "Where was God when I was being abused every day?" Why did He allow me to suffer?"  Through all I endured, God was right there. He was protecting me but I blamed Him instead of the people responsible. 

I really enjoyed this study and plan to redo it again and go slowly through it. It is very intense but worth the time you put into it. I learned a lot and realize that God has been there every time to rescue me.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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About the Book

Book: Lone Star Ranger
Author: Renae Brumbaugh Green
Genre: Christian Historical Fiction
Release Date: January 21, 2020
Lone Star Ranger FinalElizabeth Covington will get her man.
And she has just a week to prove her brother isn’t the murderer Texas Ranger Rett Smith accuses him of being. She’ll show the good-looking lawman he’s wrong, even if it means setting out on a risky race across Texas to catch the real killer.
Rett doesn’t want to convict an innocent man. But he can’t let the Boston beauty sway his senses to set a guilty man free. When Elizabeth follows him on a dangerous trek, the Ranger vows to keep her safe. But who will protect him from the woman whose conviction and courage leave him doubting everything—even his heart?

Click here to get your copy.

About the Author

renae greenRenae Brumbaugh Green is a city-girl-turned-country-diva. She’s married to a handsome country boy named Rick, and she’s mom to four nearly-perfect, nearly-grown children, two rowdy dogs, and some ducks. They live in rural Texas where Renae wears overalls, western boots, and bubblegum pink nail polish. She’s a bestselling author of over 30 books, an award-winning humor columnist, and an online English teacher. In her free time, she can be found leaping tall buildings and rescuing kittens from trees. Or, she’d like to do those things, if she had free time.

More from Renae

I’ve been a fan of historical romance from the moment I graduated from The Babysitter’s Club. A friend of mind introduced me to the Love Comes Softlyseries by Janette Oke, and I was hooked. In college, between exams and extracurricular stuff, I read those books like they were M&Ms. That’s why, when I started writing grown-up fiction, I knew historical was my genre.
But there’s another reason—perhaps a more compelling reason—why I had to write The Texas Rangers series. See, my granddaddy was a Texas Ranger. Not the baseball player kind. The gun-toting, cowboy-hat-and-badge-wearing kind. As far as I know, he was not a master of any kinds of martial arts, so if you’re a fan of Walker, Texas Ranger, I’m sorry to disappoint.
And he was not alive during the late 1800s, as are the characters are in this series. Grandaddy died in 1980 when I was 12 years old. He was a good man, known for rescuing puppies and bringing small gifts and toys to children in stressful situations—i.e. when their parents were arrested. My favorite memory of him is sitting on his lap, falling asleep to the sound of his big, round pocket watch ticking. I have a picture of myself, age three, sitting on his knee while he typed up his reports. I love that typewriter picture, and find it significant since I’m now a writer.
Grandaddy was Robert Everett Smith, and Grandmother (yes, I called her that—she was very formal, but also very sweet) was Ellie Marie (Edgar) Smith. The two lead characters in Lone Star Ranger are named Rett (Everett) and Elizabeth, in their honor.
Like Grandmother, Elizabeth is refined and formal, yet strong headed, with her own lady-like brand of spunk. She hails from Boston, and is a little overwhelmed at the grit and gravel of Texas lawmen. But she’s not intimidated—not even by handsome Texas Ranger Rett Smith.
Thanks so much for sharing in my cherished family memories. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it!
—Renae Brumbaugh Green


Sit back and travel to Houston, Texas in 1877 where the town is growing and danger is just around the corner. I loved the setting since I live in Houston and it was nice to read about what it was like in the 1800's . The story takes place where a criminal in on the loose killing people and stirring up fear. The picture  they had of him must have been  a rough sketch of the killer who resembles others. 

Elizabeth and her brother have traveled around the countryside deciding where they want to live. They are grieving over the loss of their father and I liked that they had a close bond with each other. Through a series of events Elizabeth's  brother is mistaken for the man in the sketch and hauled off to jail.  Elizabeth must now try to save her brother before he faces death. 

The banter between Texas Ranger Rett Smith and Elizabeth is quite entertaining. It won't be easy for Rett to keep Elizabeth safe as they go after the real killer. Even though I knew what was going to happen, it was still an enjoyable read. It reminded me of the western shows my dad would watch every Saturday. It always entailed the bad guy who causes chaos wherever he went.  There is a nice bit of adventure and danger in the story to keep readers entertained.  There is a little faith element in the story which shows how the characters depend on God to keep them safe, Overall it was a nice clean read with a happy ending. I look forward to the next book in the series.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion .

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Faith's Journey FB Banner

About the Book

Book: Faith’s Journey
Author: Heather Greer
Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance
Release Date: February, 2018
Faiths Journey coverSometimes it’s the unexpected path that leads you on your journey back to faith.
Katie McGowan left her parents and their faith behind years ago. However, when faced with a devastating betrayal, Katie is ready to go back to Carbondale, Illinois to help her elderly parents despite their tempestuous relationship. Drained by the constant friction, Katie finds emotional support and encouragement in Austin. His practical, simple faith speaks to Katie, and she finds herself yearning for a new connection to God. As their friendship grows, so does the attraction between Katie and Austin.
Before her fledgling faith and thoughts of romance have a chance to take root, Katie’s cheating fiancé returns, remorseful and promising change. Can her tentative faith strengthen their past love? And if her heart breaks again, will Katie’s journey to faith end before it has really begun?

Click here to get your copy.

About the  Author

Heather GreerHeather Greer is a pastor’s kid and pastor’s wife from southern Illinois. Though her nest is quickly approaching the empty stage, with three of her four children out on their own, she enjoys the times she gets to spend with all her children, husband, and grandson. Equal mix geek and romantic, you could as easily find Heather watching an episode of Doctor Who as the latest Hallmark movie. Of course, you may find her baking, reading, or crafting too!
Heather’s writing and teaching ministries revolve around a passion to see believers grow in their faith. Though God has used her most often with teens and adults, she has worked in ministries reaching all age groups through the years. It is Heather’s prayer for God to use what she writes in her books and on her blog to challenge and encourage readers in their faith walks.

More from Heather

What happens when a person raised in church begins to see the failure of those within the church to live their faith every day instead of on Sunday morning? Often, the truths of scripture are pushed aside in favor of blanket statements like “churches are full of hypocrites” and “I don’t want to follow a God whose people are like that”. In frustration, they walk out the church doors in frustration. Sometimes they walk out with their beliefs intact, but other times faith gets left in the pew they vacate.
That’s what happened to Katie in Faith’s Journey. And when she left home for college disappointed with the people in the church she was raised in and at odds with her mother, it was all too easy to listen to the voices in her life telling her religion and God made no difference in life.  Deciding she knew better than anyone what her life should be, Katie makes her own decisions without considering the God she left behind.
It takes a return home for Katie to start realizing there may be more to God than the people in the pews. Maybe she was quick to see the failures of others to live their faith but slow to see her own problems with the same issue. And maybe it’s time to acknowledge that regardless of how others are living out their faith, God has plans for her and desires a relationship with her that defines who she is every day.
While the original idea that sparked Faith’s Journey was what happens when someone you love betrays you, I quickly realized Katie’s story was more than that. In a sense, the first betrayal she needed to face wasn’t the one with her boyfriend. It was the perceived betrayal by those in the church who failed to live faith outside the church walls. It’s a feeling I believe many Christians have to face since there isn’t a perfect person in any pew.
I pray Faith’s Journey may be an encouragement and give a new perspective to those who currently struggle with the idea of church. And I hope it’s also a challenge to those of us faithfully in the pews each week to make our time there about more than religion or habit. I pray Faith’s Journey challenges us to evaluate the depth of relationship with have with God and let Him change the way we live every day, not just on Sunday.


One of the things I liked the most about this story was how easy it was to relate to the main character. Katie grew up in a Christian home but at some point she starts to turn away from God. I am a pastor's kid and was dragged to church every time the doors opened. Much like Katie, I started moving away from God and cut ties with my parents. It was interesting to see Katie returning to her parents house to help out. Her mother is injured and Katie's dad needs help taking care of her.  I could fill the tension as Katie first walked through her childhood home. I also was called by my dad to come help him when my mom became very ill.

Katie was more than ready to come home to get away from a disastrous relationship. Her life seemed to be falling apart. What I liked was how the author takes a character and allows us to witness her failures and triumphs. Katie and her mom have a difficult relationship. Her mother was always criticizing her and it made for many tense moments between them. The author explores their relationship and it is an honest account of a struggle between mother and daughter. Katie's dad is wonderful and is always thanking Katie for her help. One thing is constant in the house; that constant is God's presence.  Katie's parents know she has slipped away from her faith but they have always continued to pray that she would find her way back to God.

Katie has a trust issue and her faith has fallen along the wayside. It was hard for her to see people she knew and trusted in church be something completely different on Monday. It shattered her trust and belief in God. As we are introduced to Austin, I found him to be a very caring person. He is genuine and shares his faith with Katie as they get to know each other.  It was a great friendship between them  until one day Katie's trust in Austin is broken. What made Katie feel like Austin had betrayed her?  Her life is in shambles as she faces hurt once again. There are some pivotal moments in the story where Katie is talking to God that is inspiring and very emotional. 

The author has written a story that not only shows a person finding their way back to God, but allowing themselves to trust again. I loved how Austin didn't give up on Katie but knew he also needed to work on his relationship with God as well.  Readers can expect a strong faith element in the story as well as a very honest look at people with flaws. I hope you pick up a copy and find your own "faith journey."

"God has a plan for our lives, but we have to be willing to follow."

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion. 

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