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Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Written in Ink

About the Book

Book: Written in Ink

Author: Sara Davison

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release date: August 4, 2021

Written in Ink - final coverEverything he has built his life and future on has been torn away.

Cash McCall has loved Dr. Renee Dawson for half his life. Although they’ve talked about a future together, she has never believed it was the right time for them to get engaged. Now she has ended their relationship, and he has no idea why.

Everything Renee worked so hard for is in jeopardy. One agonizing decision has changed everything, and she has been forced to shatter the heart of the man she loves. And her own.

The extremist militant group The Arm is on a mission. Its leader doesn’t care how many innocent lives are lost in the pursuit of the group’s end goal, and Renee has seen something she was not supposed to see.

If Cash can’t get to her in time, Renee could end up in the crosshairs of the terrorists, and he may lose her—and any chance at the life he’d always envisioned—forever.


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About the Author

_X3A3335-3 (1)Sara Davison is the author of three romantic suspense series—The Seven Trilogy, The Night Guardians, and The Rose Tattoo Trilogy, as well as the standalone, The Watcher. She has been a finalist for more than a dozen national writing awards, including Best New Canadian Christian author, a Carol, two Selahs, a Holt Medallion, and three Daphne du Maurier Awards for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense. She is a Word and Cascade Award winner. She currently resides in Ontario, Canada with her husband Michael and their three children. The words on the mug she uses every morning pretty much sum up her life—I just want to sleep, drink coffee, and make stuff up. Get to know Sara better at and @sarajdavison.


More from Sara

The Rose Tattoo Trilogy is set in one of my favourite small towns in Canada—Elora, Ontario. It was such a joy to develop the setting in this series, describing the quaint shops and the natural beauty of the gorge, places I have wandered through countless times. In the first two books of the series—Lost Down Deep and Written in Ink—the real-life fifty-nine stone steps built into the hillside and leading down to the river that runs through the gorge plays a big part in the story, as reflected in this excerpt:

The fifty-nine stone steps set into the side of the hill felt like twice that many as Cash descended slowly into the ravine.

The Elora Gorge was a natural wonder, with a steep rock face flanking both sides of a narrow river. The beauty of it was lost on him, though, and had been for five years, since the night his sister Tessa had traipsed down these stairs and onto the ice. Ice that had shattered beneath her feet, allowing the frigid river to steal her from them forever. Simply being here now drove daggers as sharp as those shards of ice into his chest. How did Jude deal with it when he’d been the one who had lingered at the top of the steps, too tired after a long day to go after her in the cold and dark, until he’d heard the ice crack and his sister scream?

By then it had been too late.

Below is a photo of the actual steps down to the river. I have been up and down those steps many times, and while they aren’t that easy to traverse (especially the going up part!) the effort is well worth it when you reach the bottom and find yourself surrounded by beauty, as Cash does here.

A cool spring breeze brushed across his cheeks. High up in one of the trees, roots clinging, against all odds, to fissures halfway up the rock across the water from him, an owl hooted, the sound drifting across the ravine. Moonlight glinted off the water, sending sparks of light skittering across the surface. Cash scanned the gorge. As far as he could see in either direction, the beauty of the night, of this place, filled his senses.

Something flowed through him like the water passing between the rocky banks. Cash withdrew one hand from his pocket and held it to his chest. What was that? He struggled to put a name to it. Peace, maybe?

Personally, the Elora Gorge has always been a place of peace for me, as it is for Cash in Written in Ink. Do you have a place you go when you need to get away from the chaos of life and experience peace?


It has been a few days since I finished this book and I’m still struggling with how to write the review. The topic is about abortion and the author digs deep into the characters emotions to give us a look at how it affects people differently. I didn’t want to read the book because I knew that my emotions would get the best  of me. Hence the hesitation in doing a review. Now I’m at a place  where I can hopefully do justice to this story that envelopes the heart and reaches down where our most secret thoughts are.

Cash and Renee have been together for fifteen years and everyone thought their relationship was grounded. Each time  Cash as asked Renee to marry him she has turned him down. Now they are faced with a decision that will change them forever. I really liked how the author lets us see both sides of this topic and watch them struggle for answers. I could feel Renee’s heart break as she realizes she is pregnant. She has a career she has worked hard for and a baby was not in her plans.  I wanted to take Renee’s hand and tell her that God was there with her. All she needed to do was ask Him for help. Being in the room with Renee as the nurse goes over the procedure was very hard to read. The truth is hard at times and the author lets readers know the facts in a gentle way. 

Cash is a man who wants to look out for others. When his hearts gets shattered by the breakup with Renee he feels lost. What really has him upset is the decision that Renee has made about the pregnancy. His mind goes in all directions as he tries to figure out what to do. I liked that he was drawn to a church where he met someone who spoke words of wisdom to him. Cash needs to find a way to talk to Renee but she seems to be avoiding him. The talk Cash has with God is very realistic and I know I’ve had talks like that with God when I am struggling with something. Cash’s vulnerability is just what he needs in order to accept what God is saying to him. I loved when Cash’s brother says , “If you let Him, he’ll walk through with you; you don’t have to face it alone.” That is quite a lesson for us to each grasp. We only need to swallow our pride, trust God and “He will never leave us nor forsake us.” Oh I love how Cash felt hope as he could sense something change within him.

The suspense comes into play in the story when Renee crosses path with someone while at a consultation at a clinic. There is a definite darkness surrounding this part of the story. One person has set his sights on destroying a building in a way where chaos will occur. The part about the extremist group was very unnerving. I have heard about groups that blow up  clinics and I try to comprehend  what drives them to do this. Beau is filled with such hate and is determined to take out Renee and everyone in the clinic. 

The story is a wonderful example of forgiveness even though it is hard. The characters learn that no matter what they have done they are forgiven. Now they must show that grace to others. I loved the ending and especially seeing how Cash and Renee find their  way to God. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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Sunday, October 24, 2021


Queen Steel

About the Book

Book: The Queen of Steel and Fire

Author: Steven South

Genre: Young Adult, Epic Fantasy

Release date: April 21, 2021

QSF coverWhen her father is murdered, Princess Claire Erinn is thrust onto the throne of Keldaren.  Unprepared to rule, Claire has to act like a strong queen until she learns how to be one.  But an enemy queen and Claire’s half-mad brother don’t intend to let her live that long.  They’re coming for her crown—and her head.  With Death herself hunting her, Claire struggles to become the warrior her kingdom needs.  As war engulfs an entire world, only one queen can rule—through steel and fire.


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About the Author

Steve South headshotSteve lives in Minnesota with his wife.  When he’s not reading, working, or writing, he loves to travel…his goal is to make it to at least six continents in his lifetime. Just three more to go! Beside traveling, he also loves karaoke, although he’ll be the first to admit that he’s terrible at it.  You can contact him through his Facebook page:


More from Steven

This project began as a bit of a lark to see if I actually had it in me to write a book.  I first “finished” the book in 2006.  Then I discovered the meaning of the phrase “writing is re-writing”.  It took me over thirty attempts to get the beginning right.  Six complete re-writes of the book and 13 years later, it won the 2019 Minnesota Author Project award for young adult fiction.  Many query letters later, I found a publisher.  After several more revisions with Mel Hughes—the excellent editor that I was very fortunate to work with—Elk Lake Publishing released the book this year.


When I first started writing this book, there weren’t a lot of Fantasy novels with female main characters.  I felt it was a really under-represented area within the genre, and I wanted to write a book that imagined what a world with more strong female characters—and especially a strong female protagonist—might look like.  I also wanted to write a book that explored the struggle with reconciling faith and reason, and how to be good in a world of moral relativism.


I was raised in a strong Catholic household, but I drifted away from faith in my late teens.  In my mid-twenties, I decided that I was being intellectually dishonest with myself, having one foot in religion, and one foot in a kind of lukewarm agnosticism.  I took some time to “wander in the desert” and really wrestle with religion and my beliefs, did a lot of studying of different religions and Christian denominations, and as a result of that, found myself really strongly drawn back to the Church.


There’s a saying that all first novels are autobiographies.  I guess that’s somewhat true for this novel too.  Claire has to struggle to answer the fundamental question about faith that all honest skeptics have to confront at some point in their lives—what if could be true?  The Queen of Steel and Fire was born of my journey through that question, and the answer I found.


The story is set where castles, knights and queens abound. You can  tell from the opening pages that this would be a tale of power and faith. Claire is quite young to become Queen but after the death of her father the King she has no choice. From the beginning she knew that her life would be in danger. Her discernment is good and helps her as enemies from everywhere try to kill her. It was hard to read some of the death scenes because I thought is was too graphic for my taste. As I’ve heard sometimes, “less is more.” 

I like that Claire isn’t worried about her looks and expresses that by telling others it shouldn’t matter what she looks like, rather how comfortable she is with herself. I thought that was such a good statement for all of us to take in. The world judges by looks but God sees the heart. Claire knows that her father was murdered and sets out to find out who it was. She will have many trials ahead as she seeks the truth.

It was nice to see dragons displayed as good rather than evil like they usually are in other stories. Their power is undeniable and I knew they would protect Claire. It was intriguing to read how the dragons battled with all they had. They were quick in their mission but soon more danger would follow Claire as she races against the enemy. The author definitely got my attention as Claire becomes a Dragon Knight. How impressive she was as she conquered the many tests thrown at her. 

This story is everything a fantasy fan will like with battles that are not for the weak and an enemy that will do whatever is necessary to destroy Claire and anyone that stands with her. I began to wonder who she could really trust as an unlikely  traitor is  found. I liked how the author is able to blend faith in the story and watch as Claire begins to believe in pray and  the one true God.  

The ending is action packed and I loved the fight scenes even though I would have liked a less graphic look at it. The author does a good job of setting up for the next book in this series. I can’t wait to see what he has in store next in this fantasy world he has created.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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Saturday, October 23, 2021


About the Book

Book:  Rising Danger

Author: Jerusha Agen

Genre: Christian Romantic Suspense

Release date: May 25, 2021

It’s up to a K-9 handler and her canine partner to stop a bomber before it’s too late.

Someone’s planting explosives on dams in the Twin Cities, and Bristol Bachmann and her bomb sniffing dog must move quickly to find them before everything ends up underwater. That means relying on the dams’ supervisor—an ex-boyfriend Bristol never thought she’d see again. Hopefully Remington Jones has grown up from the rakish charmer she knew in her academy days. Because lives now depend entirely on them…

It’s an environmental terrorist who wants the dams gone, and his bid to set the waters free has lethal consequences. When he sees Bristol and her K-9 working to stop him, he sets his sights on them. Can they evade him in a lethal game of cat and mouse and protect their cities from devastating destruction before the clock runs out?


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About the Author

Jerusha Agen imagines danger around every corner, but knows God is there, too. So naturally, she writes suspense infused with the hope of salvation in Jesus Christ.

With a B.A. in English and a background in screenwriting, Jerusha is a speaker, writing instructor, and Fear Warrior who sounds the call to battle against fear in our everyday lives.

Jerusha loves to hang out with her big furry dogs and little furry cats. You’ll often find her sharing irresistibly adorable photos of them in her newsletter and on social media.

Get a free suspense story from Jerusha and find more of her thrilling, fear-fighting novels at


More from Jerusha

Hi, readers! For those of you who are familiar with my suspense novels, you know I love to interweave fast-paced suspense with powerful character journeys of redemption. I got to do just that in my romantic suspense novel, Rising Danger.

But what I especially loved about writing Rising Danger was the chance to feature a canine hero. Bristol Bachmann, the heroine of Rising Danger, partners with Toby, an explosives detection K-9, to stop a bomber from unleashing terror on the Twin Cities.

As a lifelong lover of dogs, I’ve always been fascinated by working K-9s like Toby. Getting to portray this black Labrador’s heroism in Rising Danger was so much fun.

I also feel that writing about Toby and the other K-9s in this tale who are part of the Phoenix K-9 Security and Detection Agency was a way to honor the heroic dogs I’ve had in my own life. No, I haven’t known any working K-9s, but I’ve shared my life with dogs who were heroic in different ways.

Take Lancelot, my first Leonberger. Lancelot was one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever known. With his huge size, he was a true gentle giant. At an early age, he became terribly afraid of strangers and new places. I worked with skilled trainers to help him battle his fear, and he did have some improvement. But he would always struggle with meeting new people or visiting locations away from home.

Even so, he never stopped fighting against his fears. He continued to get better the more he fought. And while he battled his fears, he taught me how to battle mine.

Then, the worst battle of all commenced when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Doctors gave him only three to four months to live—a frightening and devastating death sentence for the dog of my heart.

But God had more to teach me through Lancelot. This courageous dog fought cancer as hard as he had fought his fears. He taught me how to find joy in every moment of life, even when there’s pain or sadness. He taught me how precious and powerful love can be. And God used him to give me unforgettable evidence of God’s loving providence and sovereignty at work.

Because God had a different plan for Lancelot. God gave me the gift of over 1,000 more days with my heroic dog.

Right up to the end of his days, Lancelot remained my hero. I’m so pleased to begin a series of books with prequel Rising Danger that feature K-9 heroes who, in different ways, remind me of the heroic dogs I’ve been privileged to love.


I love dogs and how faithful and protective they are. When I started reading  this book, I knew it was going to be a good one just by the description of it.  When you  put in a story about K9s that are amazing at detecting danger I was hooked. One of the best dogs I ever owned was a lab. She was solid black and very smart. I never worried about my safety when she was around. Meeting Toby in this explosive story was wonderful. The author captures the instinct of the dog with precision and lets readers see how these dogs operate at their task. I am amazed at how they can sniff out bombs, find lost people and rescue them as well. 

Bristol is a good character with a past that keeps her from trusting or even letting many get close to her. It was so heartbreaking to know that she still harbors anger from an accident that took her father and sister away. Her bitterness is not only at her mother but God as well. In her line of work she is smart , attentive is with a team that always works together.  I loved learning about how she decided to take on this new position and how she knows her  dog  is on point when needed. I won’t go into much about the past with her and Rem because that is an important part of the story that needs to be unwrapped slowly by the readers. 

The intensity of the story is good and I loved how the author incorporated dams as the main focus of the danger that could be catastrophic. Someone is planting bombs around  dams and is determined that no one will stop their plan. However as Bristol and her dog start to disarm the bombs, that makes  someone extremely unhappy. The action picks up here as it is a race against time to stop the person responsible for these evil acts. 

Rem is someone I liked right away because was he was vulnerable around Bristol. He wears his heart on his sleeve and doesn’t hide the fact that he wants a second chance when her. In Bristol’s eyes, he can’t be trusted and doesn’t believe that he has changed. I really liked the part where Rem comes to a point where he needs guidance as he struggles with his relationships. We all can relate to how it feels when you think you have let someone down. How do you get them to forgive you? He believes that God is punishing him from all the sins he has committed. To me the most powerful part of the story is when he hears someone say to him, “He doesn’t look at you and see your sins anymore. He see Jesus and His righteousness.”

The story has twists throughout and keeps readers on the edge of the seat as Bristol and the team try to outsmart the bomber. The adrenaline pumps as a hostage situation tries to distract Bristol. I loved the ending and especially how powerful the lesson  about forgiveness is in this not to be missed suspenseful story. I look forward to more books from this very talented writer. Thank you for showing us that K-9s are hero’s and deserve to be recognized for their devotion to keep us safe. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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To celebrate her tour, Jerusha is giving away the grand prize package of a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card, one signed copy of Rising Danger, and book swag!!

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