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About the Book

Book:  The Secret Life of Lady Evangeline
Author: Jan Davis Warren
Genre:  Christian Historical Romance
Release Date: September 22, 2020
LadyEvangelineEveryone believes Lady Evangeline is dead, so why not let them? Her survival depends on it.
After escaping from assassins and healing from her injuries, Evangeline Stanton finds refuge in a crumbling abbey. Her physical scars are nothing to the wounds left by the death of her daughter and abandonment of her husband. She spends most days disguised as Sister Margaret Mary, but when necessary, she dons the disguise of the recently deceased bandit, the Fox, to steal from the rich and help the starving children and widows who come for aid.
Lord Henry Stanton still grieves the death of his beloved wife, Evangeline. Raising their young daughter is now the most important role in his life, even though the child serves as a daily reminder of the love he and his wife once shared. He may never shed the weight of his guilt for not protecting Evangeline from the band of outlaws who killed her, as well as the lies sown by his sister-in-law, which he allowed to separate him from his wife just before her death.
When Henry’s ailing father-in-law sends an urgent request for help to manage his lands, he has no choice but to take his daughter with him to Castle Brighton. But the nun who comes to care for the sick man catches Henry’s notice from the first moment he catches sight of her. When the life of their precious daughter is threatened, can they overcome the lies and secrets of the past and join forces to save their daughter before it is too late?

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Oh how I wanted this story to never end. The author does a good job of transporting readers back in time to 1186 England. I loved the woods where  a group would hide out in search of helping those in need. The brilliance of the author to disguise the group made it more exciting. Yes I cheered because a woman was the leader and had courage that withstood test after test. 
Evangeline is everything I had hoped for in a Warrior. She is compassionate for the needs of people who struggle to survive everyday. Evangeline finds out a secret that will compel her to protect those she loves at all cost. What evil person would lie and  tell someone their child died? Evangeline has led a secret life but the truth will come out at a time when she is not prepared. Will she confuse her reasons for the deceit to Henry? Can they repair their relationship and save their daughter from danger?
The story is riveted with danger, secrets, and a road that takes them into enemy territory. The characters are realistic and I appreciated that the author focused on saving the child and not so much on rekindling a romance. God was there with Evangeline and Henry as their faith was tested. I held my breath as they became closer to the kidnapper who had their child. The ending is action packed and I liked how the author showed that it is never to late to forgive someone. 
I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion. 

About the Author

Jan Davis Warren photoJan Davis Warren is a mother, grandmother, and a young-at-heart great-grandmother. Her wonderful husband passed away the same year she won the ACFW Genesis Award for Romantic Suspense. That win and many others are encouraging reminders that God wants her to continue writing even in the tough times. Learn more at

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Hello Dear Reader,
That you are reading this means you come from some hearty and courageous ancestors. Over thousands of years, they survived good times and bad, plagues, famines, wars, and all manner of tribulations. No matter how many different places around the globe your ancestors ventured, or where they lived and died, you are living proof they existed.

This thought never crossed my mind while writing and winning awards with contemporary romantic suspense, westerns, and even sci-fi. It wasn’t until Lady Evangeline stirred me with her story that I was lured into writing about the Middle Ages. I was even more surprised when I won RWA Faith Hope & Love chapter’s, Touched by Love historical category and the overall award with The Secret Life of Lady Evangeline. Thus began my next exciting adventure, for I had never written a medieval.
While doing research for the time period, I was humbled by the revelation that I’m alive because of ancestors further back than my genealogy has thus far revealed. They survived not only the medieval era, but many other difficult, even horrific times over the centuries before my birth. You and I are truly blessed by our ancestors’ perseverance. We are alive at such a time as this for a reason. Help us Lord to be the light so others might find You and through You life eternal.
Jan Davis Warren

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About the Book

Book:  She Writes for Him
Author: Cynthia Cavanaugh
Genre: Women’s Issues
Release Date: May 12, 2020
It’s not often we speak about abortion, shame, betrayal, depression, anxiety, and loss in our circles of faith. It can be uncomfortable as we try to reconcile why a good God allows suffering and pain. Life is messy, and yet we need not silence these stories.
She Writes For Him: Stories of Resilient Faithis written by brave women who have boldly ventured out to tell their hard stories. These resilient women have found that God can be trusted in the midst of difficult and tragic circumstances. They have found God’s redemption in their pain and their willingness to look doubts in the face and claim God’s steadfast love over their trials.
This book is Redemption Press’s debut in a series meant to infuse hope and courage to others who have experienced a similar journey, that they might know they are not alone and can find healing.

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I have reviewed several books lately that deal with subjects I have or still am struggling with. It is no accident that these books have come to me. There is healing right around the corner for me and I am soaking up every book God is sending my way. This book has several topics that I needed to read about. I appreciate the honesty in the book as well as Biblical stories that heighten the lesson in each chapter. 
We start off with shame as the first topic and right away I started feeling uncomfortable. God sure knows what I need to hear and I inhaled each word on the pages. It is so true that when you are a victim you feel more shame then the perpetrator. They are able to walk away while you continue in a spiral of guilt and condemnation.  We must remember that we should not feel condemnation. God wants us to feel free from anything the enemy tries to put on us. “Shame is when you believe you are something wrong.”
The book touches on subjects like loss and betrayal that  really spoke to me. Then I turned to the chapter about depression and anxiety. This is what God wanted me to see. I have PTSD and know first hand what depression and anxiety can do to your mind and body. The lies I have believed over the years that I was not smart enough, pretty enough, unloveable and unwanted have beat me down. This part of the book is just what I needed at this moment in time. I have kept  so much bottled deep down for fear of rejection and people not believing me that I have become a shell of myself. I loved when the book talked about how the church needs to do a better job of recognizing depression as an illness and not as “a sign of weakness or spiritual failure.” 
I have forgiven the church who turned their back on me but it has been a painful road. I am encouraged by “ we think we’re suppose to have it all together. But until we’re willing to get real, we can’t heal.” I love how the book  encourages readers to stand up and ask God for help. After all, He already knows what you are going through. Find peace in His embrace and let the truth set you free. Just admitting it here gives me a little peace as I continue to reread this book for the third time. I am thankful for authors who write truth even if it hurts. 
I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

About the Managing Editor

Managing Editor Cynthia Cavanaugh is a speaker, life coach, and award-winning author of Anchored: Leading through the Storms and Live Bold: A Devotional Journal to Strengthen Your Soul. She is the strategic marketing coach for Redemption Press, and you can find her at, Facebook, and Instagram, and her new podcast, Soul Anchor.

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In May 2019, while driving home from the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal with the sun out and the mountain in view, God gave me a vision of a movement. He gave me the name “She Writes for Him,” and I knew it would start as a book compilation, then a podcast, and finally a conference.

Here we are a year later, and She Writes for Him: Stories of Resilient Faith launched on May 12, 2020. Featuring Carol Kent, Tammy Trent, and Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith, 27 brave women share their hard stories of abortion, depression and anxiety, betrayal, loss, and shame.

The second edition is already taking submissions, and best-selling author Liz Curtis Higgs leads the lineup of contributors sharing on suffering, cancer, mental health, addictions, and abuse for She Writes for Him: Stories of Living Hope.

My hope in this book series is to address topics that have long been a struggle for the church to be the safe place it needs to be for those still hurting from wounds of the past. Those of us who love the Lord but have trauma in our pasts and are still on our healing journey need to be encouraged by others who have walked in our shoes. Perhaps we haven’t even started our healing journey yet, convinced we are the only one struggling the way we do or are too ashamed to admit our failures of the past. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, this compilation of brave women will encourage you to process your pain and experience the redemption in your areas of struggle.

Athena Dean Holtz, publisher and creator of the She Writes for Him compilation series.

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About the Book

Book:  Miss Tavistock’s Mistake
Author: Linore Rose Burkard
Genre:  Clean and Wholesome Regency Romance/Romantic Comedy
Release Date: June 4, 2020
Can Miss Tavistock’s mistake ever be undone?
Young Miss Tavistock is promised in marriage to Captain Rempeare by the wish of her dearly departed papa. But the captain’s been at sea for a decade. When she finally meets him, tempestuous sparks fly, and she impulsively adopts a daring false identity. Going by “Lady X,” she vows never to marry such an infuriating man.
Captain Gabriel Rempeare is prepared to fulfill his duty and marry Miss Tavistock—if only he can clap eyes on her. One circumstance or another keeps them apart, though he cannot seem to avoid the maddeningly lovely Lady X. When fate throws them together in London, Miss Tavistock discovers the real nature of the captain, and regrets her subterfuge. But can such a noble man forgive deceit? Or has her mistake already cost her everything?

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I am welcomed back to the Regency period with a delightful story that was quite intriguing. I couldn’t help thinking about this saying as I began to dig into  the story. “ Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we  practice to deceive.” What was Miss  Tavistock thinking when she pretended to be someone else? I think perhaps she is trying to prove a point but I laughed as she tried so hard not to think of the dashing Captain. It became comical that the Captain was always in her thoughts and dreams. Oh Miss Tavistock dare I say “ the lady doth  protest too much.” 
The author does a good job of presenting the time period with accuracy. I liked the articulation of the language and the protocol of royalty. There were times I wanted to join the characters just so I could listen to their banter with each other. The story is a mixture of misunderstandings, deceit and a road to redemption. It is indeed easy to see that Miss Tavistock is playing a game that will have consequences. I was exasperated with her at times and felt the need to shake some sense into her. 
I was curious why Miss Tavistock never received letters from the Captain that he insisted he wrote. Oh my how the lies start to unravel as characters start to show their ugly side. There was something that one person said that absolutely floored me. Why would someone say, “You must do the pretties for us both, love. When you tell me he’s ready to  kick, then I’ll come along.” The author really grabs my attention with the unkind feelings of some who have revenge on  their mind. It’s that word  “jealousy” that starts to rear it’s nasty head in this story. 
The ending is quite a journey and I loved the lesson on lying. The story has a great feel of royalty and delivers an enchanting tale that I read in one day. I did enjoy the history at the end of the book which explains a very important banquet. I found it to be very interesting and helped me understand the time period. 
I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion

About the Author

Linore Rose Burkard is a serious watcher of period films, a Janeite, and hopeless romantic. An award winning author best known for Inspirational Regency Romance, her first book opened the genre for the CBA. Besides historical romance, Linore writes contemporary suspense (The Pulse Effex Series, as L.R. Burkard), contemporary romance (Falling In), and romantic short stories. Linore has a magna cum laude English Lit. degree from CUNY which she earned while taking herself far too seriously. She now resides in Ohio with her husband and family, where she turns her youthful angst into character or humor-driven plots.

More from Linore

Miss Tavistock experiences a frightening crush at the Prince Regent’s palace (Carlton House) toward the end of the book which leads to a romantically pivotal scene. But many readers don’t know that what happened that day at the palace really happened.
Here’s the scoop:
    The fete in June of 1811 was the Prince of Wales’ first real chance to celebrate his becoming Regent in February of that year in the lavish style he loved.
    Like Miss Tavistock, many in the haut ton anxiously coveted invitations. At first reserved only for the peerage and their offspring, by the time of the event, more than 2,000 invitations had been issued to all classes. The details in the story regarding the enormous preparations really happened, and much, much, more.
    Since our heroine was not able to garnish an invitation to the actual grand banquet, the extraordinary magnificence of the d├ęcor, food, and costume of that night had to be excluded from the book. But it was an unprecedented display, and both amazed and perplexed the guests.
     The prince was so happy with his lavish spectacle that he wished to share it with the public. The unruly crowd described in the book happened on the third day following the banquet. It was reported that more than 30,000 people tried to crowd their way in that day. Men and women lost hats, bonnets, coats, shawls, shoes, and even their under clothing. London papers afterwards claimed there were great tubs at Carlton House filled with all the lost items.  Our beleaguered heroine escapes with only her shoes and bonnet missing, but her stockings and gown are torn. Perfect situation to be rescued from!
    Contemporaries both praised and harshly criticized the affair. It was described as “an assemblage of beauty, splendor and profuse magnificence,” by admirers, but as  one of the princes’ “greatest follies and extravagances,” by detractors.3
If you’re not previously familiar with the Prince Regent (later George IV), this might give you an idea as to why I sometimes find him too irresistible a figure to leave out of a Regency novel. His extravagance, flamboyance and tempestuous lifestyle are just too ripe  fodder to ignore. Though he doesn’t appear in Miss Tavistock, I have numerous scenes in my first Regency series where he interacts with Phillip Mornay, ‘the Paragon,’ and hero of the books.
NOTE: This post is an abbreviated account of the event, which is included in more detail at the back of the book.
Question: Have you ever been trapped in a crowd? What was it like?

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About the Book

Book:  White Stick
Author: Jacqueline Middler
Genre:  Memoir
Release Date: May 13, 2020
When a positive pregnancy test upends her carefree coed life, Jacqueline Marie decides to end the life of her unborn child. That abortion and the one that followed not only destroyed two lives but also wrecked Jacqueline’s soul.
Unprepared for the emotional wounds abortion inflicts, Jacqueline turns to drugs and alcohol to mask her pain, but nothing she does assuages her deep-seated guilt. When staying with relatives in Florida—intended to give her a fresh start—she hears the gospel message, and while reading the creation story and promises of God, she encounters a God who loves her despite her choices.
As she experiences God’s grace and forgiveness, Jacqueline is able to finally forgive herself. Now a doula and a voice for the unborn, she shares her story to help other women who have had abortions know that healing and redemption are possible through Jesus.

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About the Author

An avid reader and devoted mother of three, Jacqueline Marie gives voice to the women who have had abortions and live with the regret and shame of that decision. White Stick is her debut work, birthed from the years-long journey to healing and redemption and her desire open the eyes of the world to the harm this choice brings to women. She has a degree from Johnson & Wales in marketing, with concentrations in English and psychology.

More from Jacqueline

White Stick was written in hopes of freeing women from the bondage of shame and guilt that comes with the choice of Abortion. This book’s purpose is to shed light on the after effects of what this choice does to a women’s soul and life. This choice is not the quick decision or the “easier choice” that the media portrays but can effect every one of your choices after for the rest of your life. Only Gods love and Jesus’s grace can free you. I was a Christian many years before I was able to forgive myself. Until you forgive yourself it is hard to walk in the plans God has for you. You the reader are able to walk with me through my abortion to redemption. This is a raw honest look at the devastation this choice brings.
I write this review with tears streaming down my cheeks. My heart is filled with grace as I express how much I appreciate the openness and raw emotions that penetrated throughout the  book. It is not easy to share something you know was wrong, broken inside and desperate for forgiveness. The author talks about a very hard subject that causes discord among people. Judgment and shame followed the author as she exposes the sin that turned her life upside down. 
It is not an easy book to read but one that I believe will help someone who is dealing or has dealt with abortion. Her life was a mess and it continued to spiral out of control. I understood her need to feel wanted and loved. The Biblical story she shares hits home for her. That moment as God spoke to her through His Word , she knew she needed to change her life. One of the things she needed to do was not only ask for forgiveness, but to forgive herself. 
The author’s journey takes  her through many hurtful conversations until she realizes that God forgives her. He has a plan for her and her voice will share love and compassion. I loved the scriptures and questions at the end of the book.  My desire is to meet the author one day and give her a hug. I want to tell her how powerful her testimony is and through her transparency others will be able to take the first step to forgiveness. 
I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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