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Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Pinch of Promise by Elizabeth Maddrey

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review

It wasn't so long ago that Becky's life was in shambles. Some people might remember her as Marie, the teenager that everyone knew as the troubled teen that her parents had to endure years of struggles with her. Her dad is a famous pastor-turned-parenting expert and writes books on the subject. The press was relentless about Becky and her troubles with drugs, being known as a bad  girl and spending time in rehab facilities. The problem was, none of the stories were true. Her father wrote about a girl with those issues, but he never said who he was referring to. Can Becky every find a way to forgive her dad and find peace about her past?

One day Marie left her hometown, changed her name and never looked back. She had a very strained relationship with her father and had no intentions of ever forgiving him for the pain she went thru because of his books. Becky becomes a physical therapist and tries  to live a quiet life. As she is working one day, someone comes in for treatment on his knee. Ben stares at his physical therapist and sees a glimmer of someone he use to know ten years ago. He can't believe that it is possible that his therapist could be the same girl he fell in love with and never got over.

This is a powerful story about forgiveness and letting go of your past. The author has written a very touching story that shows us how hard it is to let go of your anger and start to let your heart soften from all the bitterness you have held in for so long.. As Ben decides he wants to start again with Becky, she continues to pull away from him. Ben's friends encourage him to not give up on Becky . One of them tell him, "if you want someone in your life, you pursue them. And if they run the other way, then run faster. It reminds me of what we need to be doing everyday. The author gives a great example of how we need to pursue God everyday and if there are obstacles, then run faster to get to Him.

Becky has always collected salt shakers and the author writes a beautiful analogy how what the salt represents. Becky says her salt shakers remind her that we're to be salt and light, and that even the tiniest pinch of salt offered someone the promise of a better life in Christ. The book is so beautifully written and shares with us the hurt that Becky felt her father had placed on her , when he wrote his books but would never say they weren't about her.  She also gives us insight into homeless shelters and the needs that can be overwhelming for them. I loved the ending and thought it was powerful and makes you think about who you may hold unforgiveness for. It is a love story with life lessons we can all learn from. All we need is "A Pinch of Promise."

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