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Thursday, June 4, 2015

I loved this book as I love all the books that this author writes. From the beginning pages, you know you are in for a bumpy, heart thumping ride. The doors to the ER burst open with a man in a wheelchair bleeding. The other man screams for help. Before the staff has a chance to fully respond, a gun is being held to the head of a nurse.
Will the man be saved ? Is this man someone important, or someone associated with a criminal family ?

As the story progresses, the characters will experience terror, helplessness, mistakes and perhaps a chance to change their life. I enjoyed how the Dr and nurse become dependent on each other and find themselves looking for answers from God. No one really knows when danger is upon you , how you would react. It seems that people in the world demand revenge for things they have no control over. This books touches on that subject and takes the characters on a journey of forgiveness and helps them find strength they didn't know they had.
Thank you for another edge of your seat thriller.  )
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