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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Know You More by Jan Thompson

's review
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Read from June 22 to 23, 2015

I was given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review

Ming and his sister Heidi are sister and brother. They tragically lost their parents in a plane crash while they were on a mission trip to the South Pacific. The relationship between Ming and Heidi is very strong and they look out for each other. Ming is a strong and hardworking man who wants the best for his sister. Heidi seems to have made a career out of going to college and can be a bit stubborn at times . Ming gently tells her it is time to put her degrees to use and get a job. The dynamics between brother and sister are very well written by the author. She describes their closeness as family that loves each other, respects each other but not afraid to speak up when necessary .

Diego is the pastor of Riverside Chapel where Ming and Heidi attend. They have been friends for awhile, but what no one knows is that Diego has loved Heidi for five years. He knows he is called to pastor a church, but thinks he is not suppose to marry. The authors shows how dedicated he is to the call on his life, but is struggling with his feelings for Heidi. They find themselves working closely together when a new place to have church open up for them. It is an answer to prayer. Where is the new church to be held? Will it be a place to draw more people in ?

I started reading this book and found myself so deeply connected to each character. Jan writes Diego has a caring , loving pastor who wants to hear from God but has doubts about what to do about marriage. He has an opportunity to kiss Heidi one evening and as he does so , she says don't miss. What does he do? With a slight grin he kisses her on the forehead. This made me laugh as I imagined this shy man who has been called to share the gospel , afraid to kiss the woman he loves. Is he unsure of Heidi's feelings? Does he think it's wrong to pursue a relationship that may disappoint God?

Throughout the book the author has scattered verses that help each character turn to the Word for answers. The scriptures help Diego with his struggles deciding is it God's will for him to take a wife. He is reminded that God wants him to have a helpmate . Will Diego realize that he has turned away from the one the Lord has given to him? Will Heidi ever stop worrying about her brother as he goes undercover to help the FBI? Heidi must learn to trust God to keep her brother safe and is given scriptures to help her rely on God's promises. " He will never leave us, nor forsake us." Will Heidi share her deep feelings with Diego or will she turn away so she doesn't cause him to stumble in his faith? If they ever kiss again, will Diego miss??

The story has all the elements that show us how people struggle with their faith, learn to trust, help others and along the way find the purpose God has for them. I read this book as soon as I received it because it has such a great message of men and women who seek God , turn to the Word to give them answers and along the way they find out that He is the one to turn to when in doubt . It is a beautiful story of love between a man and a womnan, a brother an a sisters love for each other people and most importanly the unconditional love the father has for each of us.

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