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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Family Affair by Tim Yingling

By Deana on July 7, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
I was given a copy of this book for an honest review

Chase is working as a police officer and is married to Jess . They have two girls and seem to have a normal life. Jess never liked Chase being in the military and now that he is a cop she hates his job even more. It is never easy to be married to someone whose job it is to protect others.
There is a call about a break in at a house and Chase goes to investigate. As he is exploring the house, he finds a little girl huddled in the corner. Chase soon discovers that her parents and sister have been savagely murdered. The little girl tells Chase the brown man said to look at her and the rest of her family and he would know what the man wants.

This sets the stage for a fast paced run for your life action packed thriller. What many don't know about Chase is that he works for a special outfit with the U.S. Government . He has been working undercover for the last four years and it looks like someone is out for revenge.

There are several scenes in the book that are written so charged with action that I couldn't put the book down. The author describes Jess, Chase's wife as a very strong person. As you read the interaction between Jess and another woman , the intensity is so high, you catch yourself gasping as you devour the scene. It is an unforgettable fight for survival that is masterfully written.

The author is very well versed in weapons and details them brilliantly. There are several very powerful weapons that are used and with the detail from the author you can envision them with precise accuracy.
This is a story about power, drugs and betrayal . The question arises if the politicians of our great country would allow drugs to be brought in on purpose. What would be their motive? Can Chase carry out his assignment and trust everyone on his team? Will his parents be able to keep his family safe? Can he trust his family to have his back? This is one book that is sure to keep you guessing to the end. The author does not hold back on delivering a powerful explosive ending that readers will not see coming. if you are looking for a book that has nonstop action, deceit, power struggle and revenge, then " A Family Affair" is one you can't pass up.
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