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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Booker Box Set # 1 by John W. Mefford

I received a copy of this set for an honest review.

Booker is a character that is very determined to complete his mission. He has the heart of a warrior and the morals of an honest man. He refuses to not turn a blind eye when he sees his partner beating an innocent man. When Booker does  not lie for the officer, that is when his world turns upside down. Suddenly without warning a bombing occurs that leaves a school bus full of children dead. Why would someone target a school bus full of innocent children? Is there an underlying connection between Booker and his decision not to support a fellow officer ?

This is a fast action book with many twists and turns. Who can Booker trust as he decides to become a P I? I love the humor that was scattered throughout the book which gave a great combination of banter with other characters as well as let us see a little softer side to Booker. The author is dead on when it comes to keeping a story going with thrilling scenes and a mystery surrounding who the bomber is. Will Booker find who this diabolical killer is in time to prevent more bombings?

I found myself really liking the main character as he develops into a fierce warrior determined to stop at nothing to end the terror that has invaded him and those close to him. The author writes intense well defined scenes of good vs evil that keep you turning pages as fast as you can. I have found a new hero to follow and that person is Booker T Adams. He is bad to the bones when it comes to justice and he won't stop until the evil is driven away.

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