Monday, September 21, 2015


I received a copy of this book from Librarything for an honest review

 I rember seeing news reports about this heinous crime but never realized to what extent the victims suffered.  The book is very graphic in details of the torture of what  the young men were put through. It is hard to believe that anyone would be capable of such violent acts. As Dean was growing up, he didn't have a stable family life and seemed to be on his own a lot.  The more he was own his on, the more he was able to become a very vicious, but persuasive young man. He was known around the neighborhood as the "Candy Man." He passed out candy to young boys and lured them to his house. This started taking place in the 1970's , when some referred to that generation as the hippie generation. It didn't seem to strike the police department as strange that teenage boys were suddenly disappearing.

It always unnerves me to think that anyone would be capable of controlling someone else. Dean was a master at it. He was able to manipulate two young men to help him lure young boys to their eventual torture and death. Dean was good at controlling his little accomplishes with promises of cars and money. As the killings continued, the author talks about how the bizarre behavior and torture soon took on a thrill for the accomplishes .

Where were the police during this unexplainable event of missing teens? Some figured they had run away and didn't seem overly concerned about their safety. That must have been devastating to the families when they realized not much was being done to find their sons. I don't think we will truely know the depth of torture these young boys endured, but the author does a tremendous job in capturing those moments with precise details .

It seemed to all come to an end when one of the accomplishes , Wayne Henley, shot and killed Corll. He told the authorities it had been in self-defense. During his reign of terror , Dean  Corll tortured and killed at least 28 young men. It is possible that there were other victims. As the news spread, Houston was gaining attention as having the most grisly mass muder Texas history and the worst in U. S. history.

The book is well written and you can tell much research went into this book. It is a story that will not be forgotten. For the victim's families their nightmare will never end. As the police began to uncover bodies buried in the boat shed and other areas, it shows that there was no remorse or even feelings for these victims . I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys true crime. It is one of the best written, most precise account of a crime that is almost to hard to comprehend.

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