Friday, September 11, 2015

Finding Hope in Savannah by Melissa Wardwell

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review

After losing her parents while they were overseas on a mission trip, Liz seems to have turned her back on God. When she finds out she is pregnant , she decides to move and leave the memories that haunt her everyday . She makes a new life for her and her son and seem to be living a quiet life. She has a boyfriend whose name is Domhnall or Dom for short. He is a very strong and attractive looking man. They enjoy each other's company and he is attentive to her son, Matt who is a teenager now. 

One evening her world is shattered when she witnesses Dom leaning over a body. After calling 911, chaos ensues as the police arrive and she and her son are rushed to the police headquarters. What was Dom doing with what looked like a dead body? Is her life in danger now? When Liz finally finds out what Dom is involved in, she knows she Must flee from her home. The police decide they need to put her and her son in a safe place . I loved what Lt. Ward says to Liz," God used you to possibly bring down a very evil man, possibly even the ring he works for." 

Liz has her doubts that God would ever use her again , but Lt. Ward's wife reassures her by saying, " He has never turned his back on you, even when you turned on Him. You are not alone Liz." The author does a great job in showing the vulnerability of Liz and her need to lean on someone. She feels alone since the loss of her parents who she drew strength from and her faith that she abandoned. As she and her son travel to another town to escape Dom , someone comes into her life unexpectedly. Who is this person that could change everything? The story is filled with intrigue that keeps the reader glued to the book. 

The author has given us not only a story about forgiveness, but letting go of the past, and a hope for the future . After finishing the last chapter I sat there for a moment to reflect on the words that Liz spoke to God at her darkest hour, , "Lord, I am done running. Heal my heart."

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  1. Thank you for your review! I am so glad parts of it ministered to your heart!