Monday, October 12, 2015


The title suggests that this is a book for men to challenge them. I agree with the author that is a book that will challenge you but it is not just for men. It is a powerful testimony of how Steve overcame many obstacles that changed his destiny. After reading this book, I felt encouraged, energized and thankful that I was blessed to have the opportunity to read a thought provoking book.

Steve has played for the Oakland Raiders and was" once known as NFL's dirtiest  player in 1997." He has decided to retire from a sport that he loved and was very good at. As we step out in faith and trust God , we need to remember that he has our best interest at heart. On page 44  it says, "He is the only one who knows all your secrets and still loves you perfectly." Isn't that encouraging?

It's time to plunge in and get lost in his presence. We can't sit on the sidelines hoping to get called in. Each of us needs to take a bold step and fully commit to Jesus. I loved the author's example of being "on the line" at a football game. The players that are on the front line are there to protect to quarterback and defend their team. We need to have that same mindset. Each of us need to be on the front line ready to defend the truth and not be afraid to get a little dirty.

What an encouraging and insightful nuggets of truth the author has shared. At the end of each chapter is questions for you to continue in your growth. He gives credit for all his achievements to the blessing of God. It took hard, strenuous work, dedication and no regrets. At the end of the book is a powerful prayer that Steve Wisniewski wrote. I encourage you to read it and  take it in as the words speak of hope, love  and a life that blesses Him and others.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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