Sunday, December 20, 2015


From the moment I started reading, I became engrossed in the story. What a creative mind the author has as we are swept inside a story inside a story. Yes it was really two stories that entwined themselves so masterfully, that I was totally taken off guard . There is so much intrigue, I felt like I was watching an episode of The Twilight Zone. 

The characters are multi -dimensional and at times dark and spooky. I thought I was reading a lovely romance story at the beginning, but when the  twist came out of nowhere I was hooked. It is a dark story which the author writes with a hint of a deep and scary edge of your seat roller coaster ride. I was  mesmerized by the expertly developed characters and their descent into the dark realms of spells and downright chilling scenes . 

This book is one you will not figure out as it has layers that must be peeled away a little at a time to truly grasp the writings of an author with an imagination that surpasses many well known mystery writers. As you  read this story, take in the details, the little subtle hints of what is to come and get ready to be blown away by the ending. I would highly recommend this book to readers that love a great mystery with a taste of the dark side. It is a book that could easily be turned into a blockbuster movie. Well done CS Kendall. 

I received a copy of this book from LibraryThing for an honest review.

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