Sunday, January 31, 2016

Taylor Cabot  an ER nurse,  has recently lost her husband in a tragic accident. She feels guilt because they argued the night of the accident. As the third anniversary of his death is coming up, she decides that it is time to move on, to live again and perhaps let a man back into her life. Has she truly let go? Has she been through all the steps of grieving?

Seth Donovan is a crisis chaplain and was friends with Taylor at one time. He worries that she is not moving on and wants to help her out. They find  themselves working together when a terrible accident occurs at a kite festival. A plane is out of control and is barreling down on the crowd. Taylor rushes down to help and together with Seth they begin to help the people. Seth is very dedicated to his faith and the author writes his character as a caring person who is not preachy but does  share his faith with gentle and kinds words .

Later at the hospital, they have to deliver hard news to someone who just lost their loved one. Taylor and Seth work very well together on the crisis team. They both have a comforting tone and are able to speak to the victim's family and assure them they are there to help with whatever is needed. It must be a very emotionally draining job to deliver heartbreaking news.

The characters are well versed in medical language and helps the story flow with precision. The author delivers a fast past action packed story with details that are precise and believable as they race to save patients. Her attention to detail is always seen in each of her books,  and brings the medical field to the forefront with her gifted knowledge of a hospital. It ls like watching a scene from the show "ER"  where orders are being given, nurses are rushing around and the action is swift and fast
When a car accident occurs several members of the hospital staff are involved. As the investigation begins, the question arises that it could have been a deliberate act. Who was out to hurt someone that day? This is where the real mystery begins. Several  characters lives will be forever changed as the investigation takes a  suspicious turn toward someone on staff?

I especially liked Sloane. She was a complicated woman  with a secret that could hurt several people. She had a guilty conscious about something and her character was very well developed with an attitude of hardness and hate toward others. The author showed her vulnerable side and gave us insight to the pain that stays with guilt overtakes your life. The story is about a crisis team that works together to comfort others and along the way help each other. It is not easy to let go of a loved one and the book draws on that with compassion and a beautifully written story. Once again the author has delivered a superb story with mystery, hurting people and a touch of romance. Not everything is easy to overcome . Sometimes all you can do is go STEP BY STEP.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale Blog Network for an honest review.


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