Friday, January 15, 2016


This book is definitely a eye opening experience to read. I love the various illustrations the author gives about kingdoms . One thing I thought very interesting was about the "fall." He asks us what did we really lose in the "fall." I never really thought about that as bring significant to the kingdom. What didAdam and Eve  fall from? They did the one thing they were told not to do. They fell from dominion and therefore Adam was no longer getting direction from God.  I wonder how many of us have stopped listening to God? Who are we getting our direction from?

It is interesting to read in the book that the author said "it is a tragedy that we have produced a religion called Christianity . Jesus  did not invent such a thing."' What Jesus did do though was to come to earth "to establish an outpost of the Kingdom of Heaven." I understand more clearly when God said, " let them have dominion." He assigned us to manage what He had created . As we look around we can see that we are very much lacking in the area of taking care of what He created.

The book is very thought provoking and takes you into a deeper place in His word. The illustrations the author gives us helps to visualize what the Kingdom is and how we can take back what has been assigned to us. He is very direct and doesn't sugar coat anything. I like to read a book that gives me things to think about and take me deeper into the Word. When he said, "Some need to sell their loyalty to the pastor they love so much but who isn't preaching about the Kingdom", I stopped and re read that sentence. What he is saying is we need to be careful who we are listening to and making sure we are being taught what the bible says.

There is a great story in the book about an elderly couple who won a cruise. They were not wealthy and didn't understand what they had won. They packed their small belongings and headed to their cabin. It was a beautiful and luxurious room. They sat there day after day, eating crackers and juice but never leaving the room. On the ninth day, the captain became concerned . He had not seen them leave their room, they never came to dine or go to the shows. When he went to the room, he asked them why they had not partaken in any if the  things the ship offered . They said they couldn't afford it. What the captain explained must have astounded them. The tickets they had were to enjoy everything the ship had to offer free of charge. The story was very vivid in what it meant. We lack knowledge, so we don't get the full benefits of the Kingdom.

Thank you for a book that will be a benefit  to me as well as others in explaining the meaning of Kingdom Citizenship. The book is well written and has very good examples by using stories from the bible and scriptures to clearly relay his message. I encourage readers to take their time reading this powerful book and looking at the Kingdom as part of our inheritance that we need to take care of.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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