Thursday, June 16, 2016


I have not read a book this powerful and life changing in a very long time. I have always thought my relationship with God was good. After reading this very emotional story, I realize I have a lot of work to do. I don't think I would be as brave as Helen and challenge God like she did. Her family always prayed that she would someday know Him. One Christmas Eve , Helen will find her life unfolding before her eyes.

As the evening progressed Helen was preparing her gift to her grandson. It was a manuscript written by her  about her life. A mysterious package arrives for her and she takes it upstairs to open it. What is inside the package? Will it change the way Helen thinks about God?  As she tries to understand her gift , she boldly tells God to "edit" her story. She doesn't believe in Him and feels like her life story has nothing to be ashamed of or need to ask forgiveness for. I loved the journey the author takes us own as we glimpse into Helen's life. We see images of her growing up and being reminded of things that perhaps were not good decisions. I felt like I was on a journey through history as the author took us to the sixties. We see Helen experiencing Woodstock and watching as God shows her through scripture the things she had done that did not line up with the Word of God. I especially liked the mention of 911. That was a time of grief for  a nation and the worry that many people faced when they were frantic about the safety of  their loved ones. Helen's life was not perfect, but God is a forgiving God. The more she spent with Him that evening, the more her heart began to soften towards Him. Will Helen give her heart to Jesus?

I know that if my life story were in front  of me , I would have red markings all over the pages as Helen did.  My tears flowed as I came to end of the book. I appreciate the author writing a book filled with scriptures that touched my soul, words that healed me and hope that my relationship can grow stronger with God.

A big thank you to The BookClub Network and the author for a copy of this book and allowing me to give an honest review of an amazing book.

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