Thursday, July 28, 2016


The third installment in The  Amish of Bee County is a story that is unforgettable. It gives us a glimpse into the world of immigration, sacrifice, hope and freedom. I loved how the author wrote about a subject that is at the forefront today. We sometimes forget about the innocent children that are trapped between lands looking for freedom.

Rebekah is a hard working school teacher who discovers two young children hiding. They are scared, lost and look hungry and tired. The language barrier is a challenge but Rebekah is able to communicate with them. Her heart goes out to them and decides that she will help them. I loved how the author gave Rebekah the ability to see these children as helpless and needing someone they could trust. Will Rebekah be able to help them find their father ? Can the community come together and accept them with open arms?

Tobias and his family have  come to town to start their saddle business in hopes it will be successful. They make saddles and also train horses. Tobias is hard working and has a heart of gold. He is comfortable around children and helps Rebekah try to find help for the children she found hiding. As they begin to see each other more will an attraction between them develop? Is there something holding Tobias back from having feelings for Rebekah? Can Rebekah find time to open her heart to Tobias?

I loved the way the author described how a saddle was made. The details were written so vividly that I could picture the saddle as it was being formed and the smell of saddle soap that lingered in the air. I love how   the author used the illustration to relate to how God molds .  He takes those rough edges away and replaces them with a smooth touch that helps us become  closer to Him. What  a beautiful way to give us a picture that demonstrates what God's handiwork can do.

I loved how the author wove into the story about sacrifice. Some of the characters made sacrifices to help their family in need. It reminds me of the ultimate sacrifice that was done for each of us. Jesus died for us so that we would be free. Is is hard for you to make a sacrifice for someone so they can find happiness ? The story is written with a great message about hope, heartache, loss, sacrifice and love. Are you ready to be His hands and feet ?  This is one story you will remember long after the last page has been read.

"With each new trial, God teaches us something new. We learn to see the blessings in what we have . We learn to be content in what we have. We learn to step out in faith , knowing He has our best interest at heart."

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild for an honest review.

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