Saturday, November 12, 2016


With every word I read, I became more engrossed in the story.  The authors details of the land is breathtaking. It is one of the best stories I've read about forgiveness in awhile. What if you were blamed  for a tragic accident ? Could you ever forgive yourself and accept the forgiveness of others? For many of us, it isn't so much about bring forgiven as it is being able to forgive yourself.

Titus has come home to Wells Landing after a long five years away. He is a changed person and a little hesitant to be home. His five years away were hard, but he felt he deserved the punishment he had gotten. Can he feel welcomed back home? Has everyone  forgiven him? I loved the way the author wrote how Titus was anxious and a bit uncertain how he would be received back in his community. We all have done something we regret and for Titus the shame has stayed with him for years.

I love stories about second chances and this is one that really has depth and and opens the door for repentance. I'm sure that I would have butterflies in my stomach if I was in Titus's shoes. The beauty of the story is how the author took a character and showed us his internal struggles with realism. For some in the community they seemed to be a bit surprised that Titus would come home. It is not easy to admit your mistakes, but when you allow God to show you the way home, nothing is impossible.

I need to mention Abbie because she plays a very important role in the story. I loved her from the moment the author introduced her. She had a hard time accepting Titus back home and the author allowed the character to work through grief and come to terms with her loss. The story is heart wrenching at times and the emotions can be felt by the graceful way the author takes readers on a journey to forgiveness.

Can Titus learn to trust again? Will Abbie be able to forgive? Will Titus experience forgiveness and be set free from his past? Be sure and grab a copy of this well written story that allows us a glimpse of what forgiveness, trust and unconditional love is.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion and I was not compensated for it.

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