Saturday, January 21, 2017


I love going back to Wells Landing and finding out what is going on with this tight knit group. I love how the author writes about people and situations that some of us have had to deal with. We all want our spouses to give us attention and listen to us. Sometimes we can feel left out and our mind starts to convince us that we aren't happy in our marriage.

Tess is such a sweet woman who wants to be the perfect wife for her husband Jacob. I found myself really seeing myself in her. At the beginning of my marriage I thought I was doing everything right. I slowly let little things start to bother me and  found myself thinking my husband didn't want to be with me anymore. I loved when Tess was talking to Jacob and says, " Were you even listening to me?"  "Of course I was ." Jacob frowned. " I just didn't hear what you said."  I thought that was a brilliant come back and made me realize how many times I've asked my husband the same question. Jacob was listening to her voice but he sure wasn't concentrating on what Tess was saying.

Jacob is a very hardworking man who adores his  wife. He does seem to pay a lot of attention to his cell phone. Every time he looked at the cell phone I could feel Tess tense up. She began to wonder why the phone was more important than her.  The author did a great job of showing both sides in the marriage and it sure opened my eyes to some things in my own life. I complain about my hubby not spending  time with me because he is always watching the news. What I failed to remember is that I usually have my nose stuck in a book and barely glance at him when he comes home.

One of the most important things the author shows us is through Tess. She is always comparing her marriage to others. Sometimes we forget that we need to be content with what we have.  Will Jacob and Tess be able to find happiness in their marriage? Should Tess be comparing her marriage to her friends marriage? The story is so beautifully written and I loved the characters so much. The author does a great job of showing readers that marriage isn't always easy. There has to be compromise and communication . This book was very hard to put down and I loved how the story was engaging . This is one story that I found myself completely mesmerized by and thought the story line was written with such eloquence.

 "Don't let your pride get in the way of your marriage. "

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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