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Each story in this beautiful collection  is well written and takes you back to an era where things were simpler. I loved the description of the late 1800s to early 1930s. I could picture the dresses the women wore that were simple yet practical. They loved to bake and show off their skills . I could smell the pies and cakes as they graced the tables . I instantly felt like I was at the fair and could here the laughter of children, and feel the excitement as blue ribbons were about to be presented. Each story is written with great detail and compliments each other. The authors take us on a journey that is filled with excitement . The energy can be felt with each story that brings hope, forgiveness, joy and faith. It's time to settle back and enjoy the fair and be swept away with characters that come to life.

A Taste Of Honey By Darlene Franklin

Edith is quietly gathering honey  from the bee hives  when suddenly something or someone disturbs the process. I loved how the author did a great job of describing the stings that Edith got and I could see her hand swelling with each word that made the scene come to life. She had everything figured out about the honey  that she was going to use at the state fair. With the honey she was harvesting it was sure to be a great ingredient for her.

Grant is back from the navy and bumps into Edith on his father's land . Guess he didn't realize that Edith was trained in gathering honey or maybe he stopped her for a reason. He sure didn't make a great impression at first. He feels bad for her injuries but tells her that there will be no more honey as he has other plans for the land. After his dad had a stroke, the farm wasn't doing as well  like it use to. Why does Grant feel like others in the area have taken advantage of his dad? My heart went out to Grant's dad. Having suffered a stroke was so difficult for him but he had such a giving heart.

Edith's dream to enter the baking contest at the fair Is coming up soon. She has hopes of perfecting the perfect recipe and the key is the honey . What does  she want to do with the money if she wins? If Grant decides to plow up the land and get rid of the bees, where will she get her honey? I loved the time Edith spent with her mom as they walked their land. The author made me feel like I was in the open pasture looking at the beautiful land that God had made.

The story is filled with hope and compromise. What will happen when Grant finds out that part of the land he thought was his is owned by Edith's family? . The excitement builds as the fair is in full swing. Who will win the grand prize? Can Grant and Edith find a way to work out their differences over the land? This is a delightful story that shows how faith and working together can bring happiness.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from author Darlene Franklin. The review is my honest opinion.

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