Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I have always loved this authors books. She writes with such depth and makes the stories come to life. This was a bit different from her usually books, but I have to say it was so powerful and intense I couldn't put it down. When I first met Alanna I was thrilled to know she was Irish. She was beautuful with delicate skin and had a sweet spirit around her. I could hear her accent and see the freckles that danced across her face. I loved how the author gave us bits and pieces of the Irish customs. I didn't like how gullible and so trusting  she was.

When an unexpected  devastating accident happens, Alanna finds out her husband had died, and his best friend Jesse was barely clinging to life. It was a shock for Alanna's manager to step in when Liam's parents threaten Alanna with a lawsuit. Liam and Alanna never got  around to telling their family and friends that Alanna was pregnant. So begins the sordid world that Alanna becomes apart of. I thought it was a bit much for Alanna to marry her manager Barry and live in the states to keep the baby away from Liam's parents by in Ireland.  I didn't trust Barry at all and found him to be arrogant and very demanding. What has Alanna gotten herself into?

When they return to Barry's estate Alanna senses that something is off. Doors locked with no answer to why , a picture hanging up that resembles Alanna , Barry so possessive that Alanna can't really do anything and we mustn't forget the creature in the swamp. I was worried for Alanna's safety as accidents started happening to her.
 When Jesse shows up, he has memory loss that I didn't really believe. For me I could guess right away what was going to be revealed. The story is intense with lots of secrets and a bit of violence that unnerved me. I did not like the part about the kittens and their possible demise. It made me realize how sinister and sick Barry was. Is Barry willing to kill to keep Alanna to himself? Can someone save her before it's to late?

Overall the book was a bit predictable but had enough drama to keep me interested in the story. I liked the theme that things are not always what they appear to be. I rate this four out of five for the predictability and the violence that dealt with animals.

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild and publisher. The review is my own opinion.

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