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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I love reading books about the civil war. In this story the author has captured the time period perfectly. You can feel the tension as the war rages on. The  anguish that families deal with wondering if their loved one is coming home safe is overwhelming.

Carrie is a newlywed and is excited to begin her life with her husband, Peyton. The war takes him away and she worries everyday about his safety. When she gets word that he is missing , she will do everything in her power to find him. Carrie feels in her heart  that he is alive. What would you do to find your missing husband? There are so many intriguing parts to this book, I couldn't put it down. The author showed us how Carrie had faith that her husband would be fine. I loved that Carrie held  on to hope and never wavered.

The author gives readers a glimpse of a time period that is easy to picture with her incredible words. I loved how the story kept readers wondering what had happened to Peyton. There are a few surprises in the book and I was very intrigued by an old friend that shows up. Is this friend  here to help Carrie find her husband? The book moves at a great pace and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. The author really keeps her readers  glued to the story with excitement, mystery and hope. Make sure you pick up this book and get swept away to a place where one woman is willing to cross enemy lines to find her husband . Is Peyton alive? Did he fall into the enemy's hands?

I received this book from Kregel Book Tours.  The review is my own opinion.

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