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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I just love this author's books. They are always written with such intricate knowledge of the subject and the story comes alive with realism. I loved the subject of immigration and how the author gave details of what someone goes through to come to the United States. Sometimes people get lost in the red tape and this leads us to a non stop action filled story that keeps readers on the edge of their seat.

Hayden has just won a case that everyone said she couldn't win. She is tough as nails and I love her compassion for her clients . When  she receives a new case, things don't add up for her. It seems every time she tries to get answers , she is  stopped, scared away or lied to. Why did a young boy die while in a detention center? His mother believes he was killed and the government was involved. Can you imagine taking on the government and accusing them of killing a young boy who just wanted to have a better life?

I did like Anderson and thought he was perfect for Hayden. Anderson has his own problems with a father who has his eyes set on a more powerful influence in the political world. Does Andrew support his father's political views? I did like that Andrew worked with helping immigrants and how that intertwines with Hayden's battle to find justice for a young boy and his family.

The author has strong characters that are determined to fight for what they believe in. There is some very intense scenes that bring this story to a high  caliber thriller. I loved the faith that several characters had and never deterred from it even in the midst of danger. Will Hayden find the answers she needs before more people die? Get ready for a book that is filled with lies, secrets, drugs and a story that delivers a powerful ending.

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild. The review is my own opinion.

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