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Saturday, September 16, 2017

The setting of this book was so intriguing .  I loved how the author brought historical facts into the book to enhance the story and make it come alive. I learned some very interesting things like how hard it was to make a living in 1816. People worked hard and leaned on each other for help. I can't image having to work in the fields all day and do chores on their farm as well. One of the most likeable  characters in the story fascinated me. I  learned about McAlister "Mac" Albright as a sea captain. Being on a ship for long periods of time were hard and having to oversee everything must have  been so stressful. When he come to Shenandoah valley, will he be able to start a new life away from the sea?

Lily was another favorite character of mine. She watched out for her little brothers after her dad passed and help her aunt on the farm. I loved Lily's sassiness and loyalty to her friends and family. I laughed so hard when Mac and Lily first met. It was quite an embarrassing moment for her. As if Lily doesn't have  enough to deal with, now Mac is accusing her of being on his land. What a jumbled mess they find themselves in. It makes for a wonderful story filled with adventure, trust, deceit and discovering God's plan for their lives.

Now to the character I loved to hate. Just saying his name makes  me want to spit nails. Mr. Everett is the epitome of an evil man. He is deceitful, mean and abusive . His words cut through Lily and at times make her feel unclean. He has one goal and that is to control Lily and everything her father left her. The author draws readers in with a battle between right and wrong. It breathes realistic scenes with danger and twists that keep readers glued to their chairs. Will Lily get to keep her land? Can Mr. Everett convince everyone that Lily's dad deeded the land to him? Will Mac and Lily become more than neighbors? Don't miss this wonderful book that captures the true setting of 1816 and characters that make this story stand out in the historical genre.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

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