Monday, November 6, 2017


What a wonderful Christmas novella the author has written. I loved the rich history she shared about the Civil War. Being out on the battlefield was hard and many lifes were lost. I could see the beautiful town of Nashville as she described the place where the lovely Rachel and her family resided at. It is hard not to like Rachel with her tenderness and compassion for others. I very much enjoyed the interactions between her and her sister . I did have to laugh a bit at Susan. She is a bit younger, but she sure does try to compete with her older sister.

James finds himself waking up with bandages on and in a strange bed. As he struggles to remember how he was hurt, his eye catches Rachel . I could feel in that one instant an electrifying glance between them. The author does a lovely job of developing their relationship. They each have trust issues that could prevent them from sharing their feelings for each other. I was very intrigued by the job James had. During that time period they didn’t have much to rely on for getting the news except for what the war correspondents were able to share. James was a very gifted artist and great with details.

I loved the way the author shared how the characters turned to God to show them their weakness and how they could always depend on Him. There is a part in the story that made me cry. I won’t share what it was, but I will say the author wrote the scene with such raw emotion I wanted to rush in and hug the person. When you can write a scene like that you have my admiration. Are you looking for a great Christmas story filled with history, emotions and exceptional characters? I highly recommend grabbing a copy of this book. Each story this author writes I come away with a feeling of warmth and contentment. Thank you for writing a story that stirred my emotions and gave me a glimpse into how important family is at the holidays .

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.


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    1. Lovely review, Deana! I'm putting this on my want-to-read list :-)