Monday, January 29, 2018


When I started the book I had two thoughts pop in my head. One was the saying, “You can never go home again,” and the other is “There is no place like home.” I know once I left home, I never wanted to return. There was nothing for me and I wandered lost in the world for many years. Hannah has come home to help out and I could feel her stomach as it did somersaults walking into her parents home. She has been gone for a long time and not everyone will be happy to see her. Can she regain the trust of her dat? Will the community welcome her home, or shun her until she asks for forgiveness? 

It had to be a culture shock for her son Brandon. He must think he has traveled back in time, as he realizes there are no modern conveniences. His appearance will shock a few but he does have a stubbornness to him which I found to be endearing. Brandon has a lot to deal with and maybe by playing it cool he can hide in the background. The author knows how to write stories that tug on your heart and I wanted to hug Hannah and Brandon.

Aaron is a hard working man who has been in love with Hannah for a long time. He sure was surprised to see Hannah come home. I could feel the tension between the two when they first see each other. How would you feel if you ran into someone from your past? Can Aaron forgive Hannah from leaving him so long ago? Things have really changed in Aaron’s life and Hannah will have to make some hard decisions. 

I loved how the story was about second chances and forgiveness. Hannah has walked away from her faith and will have a hard time allowing herself to heal. I was in for a big shock in the story and never saw it coming. The author is a master storyteller with wonderful characters and a theme that whispers of grace and compassion. I am honored that I read a book that captured real problems with answers that came from prayer and family. Can you really go home again? Find out in this first in the series from an author that keeps me coming back for more books from her. 

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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