Friday, February 9, 2018


I really enjoyed the book. Deidre and her son are trying to pick up the pieces after her husband dies. I loved how the author portrayed her as a strong woman who doesn’t roll over when a crisis hits. Her fierce protection of her son is extremely well written. What happens when your father-in-law is a very powerful judge? Deidre finds that her father-in-law is very controlling. He wants to have his grandson live under his roof and will do anything to have that happen. 

I did like Jase but sometimes he irritated me. Is he there to help Deidre or secretly gathering information for the judge. It won’t me easy to fight such a powerful person but Deidre hopes Jase will prove to be someone she can count on. When an accident involving Deidre’s son puts his life in danger, she must find out who is trying to harm him. I loved the Amish references in the book and how Deidre still held her upbringing as an important part of her. The book is packed with intrigue and danger that leads to a exciting ending. Who can Deidre trust? Find out in this action packed book that delivers a high intensity thriller .

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