Saturday, July 28, 2018


Hard hitting in your face action from the beginning gives this book a punch into the world of secrets and discoveries in a small community of the Amish . I was shocked at the opening pages and wondered where the story was heading. I must say it was realistic and opens the door to something that happens more often than we know.

I loved how the author weaved the characters together to a place were they connected in a way that unleashes terror in a small town. The fire that was mysterious started in a barn takes the life of Daniel Gingerich. He was respected in the community and seemed to be a good kid. As the story progresses, the dark hidden side of Daniel starts to emerge. I was so upset reading what this young man did , I wanted to scream and cry at the same time. I wonder how much of this is done that is never reported?

When the investigation continues into his death, people aren't so free with information. It has always surprised me that the Amish don't really like the police and would rather keep things within the community. Kate is having a hard time piecing together who killed Daniel. One thing is clear however; Daniel has led a double life and it seems to have caught up with him.  I loved how strong Kate is and her unique way of getting information. She is sharp and very intuitive. There is a bit of strong language in the book, but don't let that stop you from reading a chilling, well written story that explodes with suspects and secrets that will shock a community to its core. Who killed Daniel Gingerich? The ending is powerful and I was very surprised at who the guilty person was.This is one of the author's best books written to date. Grab a copy and find out what secrets can get a person killed.

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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