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Tuesday, February 12, 2019


This is a beautiful historical book that is set in Texas with vivid descriptions.  The author does an excellent job of taking readers back to 1865. I was  excited to see a character from another book in the series make an appearance if only by name in this story. It is nice to see how authors can weave characters throughout a series with no gaps.

Ellis is a fierce and determined woman. When she rescues an unconscious man floating near the river the action really starts in the book.  The scene where she goes in the water with snakes had me on the edge of my seat. Her bravery was evident as she never gives up trying to save the man. I don't think a few of her family members were thrilled to see the man and have Ellis take care of him.

Clay was on a secret mission t when he becomes injured. Can you imagine his thoughts when he woke up to see Ellis looking at him? Clay has said  some things while having high fever that has Ellis a let nervous. Is Clay trustworthy or is he there to cause harm to her  and her family? The story had a bit of intrigue with Clay hiding secrets and Ellis becoming suspicious of him. Who shot Cay that day when Ellis found him? As danger come to Ellis and her family because Clay is there?

 I enjoyed the banter between Ellis and Clay and it was fun to read how their relationship developed. There are some really funny moments in the story that will catch readers snickering as they see a different side to Ellis and Clay's relationship. It makes me think maybe they are becoming comfortable with each other.   I loved the references of places like the Brazos River since I'm a Texan. It is easy to tell the author has done her homework on historical facts that make the story realistic The ending is filled with action and ties the story up nicely. .Fans of historical books will enjoy this story filled with intrigue, secrets, romance and faith. I encourage readers to read the what the author included at the end of the book. There are interesting historical facts and other tidbits that really enhanced the story.

I received a copy of this book from  Barbour Publishing  and was under no obligation to to post a review.

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