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Sunday, March 3, 2019


There are so many wonderful characters in this book that I never wanted the story to end. I have to say my favorite was Prince Charming. He’s a cat with a unique gift and oh so adorable too. Going on your honeymoon is suppose to be fun and romantic. For Roxy and Patrick as they visit Whispering Falls they experience a honeymoon filled with magic and charm. The town is enchanting and full of surprises. I would love to go there and experience the charm it has.

Trouble seems to follow the honeymooners as a body is discovered while the tree lighting is going on. Is it a coincidence that Roxy was just speaking to the fiancée of the person who was found murdered? The author really does an amazing job of giving readers vivid details of the town and the unique gifts some people possess.

 The story was easy to follow and so much fun to read. Roxy finds herself helping solve the murder and it was fun to read all the magical things that happened in the town. I loved getting to know Roxy and Patrick and following them along as their honeymoon was quite different from your typical destination. The mystery is intriguing and I loved how the author gave us clues to follow along as Roxy and June investigate. I like the crossover of characters from other books and how well they blended together to create a story that was so entertaining.

I received an ARC copy from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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