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Thursday, March 26, 2020

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About the Book

Book:  A People Chosen
Author: Karen Engle
Genre:  Non – Fiction / Christian / Bible Study
Release Date: March, 2017
A Chosen People coverIs God finished with the Jewish people? Understanding Israel according to the Bible and not the media, political views, or personal opinion sheds incredible light on why Israel and the Jewish people exist today. God is not finished with the tiny nation and has a great purpose and plan for Israel that will impact the world. A People Chosen: God’s Purpose and Plan for Israel and the Nations is a self-guided eight-lesson Bible study. You will learn about the creation of Israel in Genesis, God’s promises to Israel and the nations, Israel’s scattering and current regathering to Israel, the return of King Jesus to rule and reign from Jerusalem, and why Israel is pivotal in God’s plan of redemption. It is a love story of faithfulness, mercy, and justice. It is the story of a people chosen by God to be a conduit for God’s blessings to all mankind. It is a weighty call, and it has not come without a price.

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During this trying time we are going through right now, I eagerly look for books, Devotionals and Bible Studies to soak up the Word. This particular study is definitely one I am enjoying. I love the way it is set up and the many scriptures the author includes. This is not a study to rush through, but to slow down and absorb the beauty of God and His wisdom. I have not finished it because I am taking my time to get everything I can out of the book. 

I encourage everyone to do the assignments and absorb the richness of scriptures. The author has done a remarkable job of researching the topics and using scripture to show exactly what God has designed for us. I have always been a bit curious about prophecy and really enjoyed how the author tackles the subject. God has made many promises to Israel and have seen some already fulfilled. The study gives us an in-depth look at Israel and the Jewish  people that had me scrambling to learn more. I really enjoyed the Lesson Two which goes into detail about the history of Israel and what the Jewish people have gone through over the years. It is not an easy lesson to read, but does give a clear picture of what they have endured. 

There is much to learn in this study and is written in a way that everyone can follow. I love doing the assignments and have decided to take my time doing the study. I don’t think this is a book you want to rush through. Do it at your own pace and take a journey to discover what God  has planned for  His chosen people. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.  

About the Author

Karen EngleKaren earned a master’s in biblical studies from Western Seminary. She is an adjunct writing instructor with Moody Bible Institute, a copy editor for Faithlife Corporation, and owner of East Gate Editing. Her passion is taking study groups to the land of Israel, which she says brings the Bible from “black and white to technicolor.”

More from Karen

There is something peculiar about the Jews. They are one of the few ancient people groups that has endured into modern times, and their religion—Judaism—is one of the world’s oldest.

The Jewish people have been miraculously regathered together into a thriving nation after being scattered throughout the earth. Hebrew, Israel’s official language, was once a dead speech but has been revived and is now an active, living language with more than five million native speakers.

They have been the most persecuted people in history and as such their existence baffles historians and theologians alike. There is no logical rationale for the Jews’ existence. Considering the Holocaust alone, the Jewish people should not have survived. And yet, they do.
In fact, they have flourished and been a blessing to the world.

The narrative of the Bible is centered on this unique nation of individuals established by God thousands of years ago in ancient Mesopotamia. From Abraham to King David to Jesus, the story of the Bible is knit together with a common thread: the Jewish people. It is a love story of faithfulness, mercy, and justice. It is the story of a people chosen by God to be a conduit for God’s blessings to humanity. It is a weighty call, and it has not come without a price.

Yet, many people, even Christians, don’t give this a second thought.

About twelve years ago, God stirred my heart toward this tiny nation, and I subsequently spent years studying the history of the Jewish people and God’s purpose and plan for them according to Scripture. And it rocked my theological world. I was in the middle of seminary, and no one (outside of one professor, who is still my favorite) talked about Israel. And though there were books on the topic, I could not find one Bible study.

When I talk to people about Israel and its importance in Scripture and thus modern-day world events, there seems to be a disconnect—a lack of understanding as to why anyone would bring up the topic. Why should anyone care? What is so significant about Israel?
I wrote this Bible study to answer these questions. It’s a cross between a book and a Bible study and is designed to take participants by the hand and help them understand why God cares so deeply about this peculiar nation. It’s a culmination of many trips to the land and years of personal study—and I’m still learning. Heavy on Scripture, full of beautiful images from around Israel, and focused on Christ, the study will turn the black and white pages of your Bible to technicolor.

I hope that those who do the study will begin to see Israel as a beautiful example of God’s faithfulness to his Word.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your book and for the giveaway also. Greatly appreciated!

  2. This sounds like a very interesting read!

  3. Wonderful review, Deana! Thank you for sharing this timely study.