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Sunday, June 21, 2020

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About the Book

Book:  Blood Sisters
Author: Jim O’Shea
Genre:  Suspense/Thriller
Release Date: June 16, 2020
BloodSisters_h12794_750Libby Meeker is seeing things.
The young Salt Lake City architect is experiencing visions of her twin sister, despite the fact that Melissa died mysteriously almost one year ago.
If that’s not bad enough, a serial killer surfaces in northern Utah, and a series of bizarre clues lead Detective Troy Hunter to Libby…and unspeakable possibilities that begin to shatter her fragile world.

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 The only way I can describe this book is a physiological thriller that gave me chills throughout the story. Nothing was what it seems and I had to make sure my door was locked as I read late into the night. There is some talk about mental illness in the book which I thought the author did in a very tactful way. It is without a doubt I believe Libby’s mother suffered from something and as her health declined it became more obvious.
Libby is on the verge of a mental breakdown when she starts losing fami,y members to tragic accidents. I knew she wanted to believe that her twin sister was alive, but oh how creepy it was for her to think she sees her dead sister in the house. When Detective  Hunter joins the story he has his hands full with a serial killer who preys on young women with red hair. It was intriguing that puzzle pieces were left on the victims  bodies. What did these puzzle pieces have in common? I thought is was brilliant how the author incorporated scriptures that held clues to the killer. 
I have to say I didn’t see the ending coming and was shocked at the outcome. I was beginning to think that Libby was mentally ill and maybe she was the killer. Or could her twin be alive and killing people because she was unstable? I really enjoyed this story with physiological aspects that will keep readers on the edge of your seat. At times I though a few of the characters were a little crass and disrespectful in their actions. I didn’t find much in the way of a faith element except when scriptures were mentioned. I do remember Libby’s father was a pastor who did rely on his faith but I’m not sure the rest of the family were as committed to their faith. Get ready for a story that will set your skin crawling  as nothing is what it seems. When a deep secret is revealed be prepared to try not to scream. This has been a good thriller that I will remember for a long while. 
I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion. 

About the Author

o sheaAuthor of two highly-rated thrillers (The Linen God and The Reluctant Disciple), Jim O’Shea spends his time crafting novels of suspense that frequently tackle the dynamic between faith and science. Jim believes God continues to reveal his creation masterpiece through scientific discovery, and that Christian fiction is a great tool to expose those emerging truths.
His third novel, “Blood Sisters”, takes a more traditional approach to mystery thrillers with a mind-bending whodunit in the tradition of Agatha Christie, Harlan Coben, and Michael Connelly. His fourth novel, “I, Witness”, will return to his faith/science roots and feature a compelling blend of espionage, leading-edge science, and salvation.

More from Jim

I had a dream years ago about identical twin brothers horsing around on a bridge over a rushing river. One tragically fell in and his body was never recovered, but years later the surviving twin began seeing his late brother outside his bedroom window, in the shadows of the church next to his home, and in passing cars and busses.
That dream eventually became the basis for my latest Christian mystery/thriller. In “Blood Sisters”, Libby Mitchell is not only seeing her deceased twin sister all around her small Utah town, but also dealing with the frightening reality of a serial killer targeting young women with red hair. When a series of bizarre clues point Homicide Detective Lee Hunter to thirty year old, red-haired Libby Mitchell, the mystery takes more than a few unexpected turns, providing a thrill ride the reader won’t soon forget.

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