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Tuesday, October 6, 2020


This story is so well written that   I read it in one day. Tillie is somewhat spontaneous and I think it has caught up to her. She leaves her Amish life to follow her boyfriend only to realize she has made a big mistake. I love how important her family and faith is. Returning home pregnant is a little scary for Tillie. After all she knows the community will gossip and make her feel uncomfortable.

Tillie’s family welcomes her home and shows her love without question. I loved the feeling of unconditional love that Tillie felt has she snuggled in her old room that first night home. I worried what the Bishop would say to Tillie. His sharp words stung like a bee that continues to cause pain. I wanted to wrap Tillie in my arms and tell her that her family would never shun her. I don’t  think I could ever shun one of my children.

Levi is a welcome addition to the story. He is dealing with the loss of his wife and unborn baby. His sister means well but he wanted to just stay locked in his house and pray the pain would go away. I loved how Tillie and Levi share a miracle one night that reminds me a little of the birth of Jesus. It had to be so hard for Levi as he witnessed the birth of a child. I could feel his tears form in his eyes as the precious gift from God was delivered.

I loved when  the baby’s father came back into the picture. Melvin wasn’t exactly a bad person, yet he didn’t embrace coming back to the Amish ways. His presence brings tension and concern to many. The story is very emotional and has a big surprise I didn’t see coming. Who will Emily end up with? Will Levi win her heart or will Melvin whisk her back to the English world?

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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