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Friday, February 26, 2021


About the Book

Book:  Delia and the Drifter

Author: Melody Carlson

Genre: Historical Romance (Western)

Release date: February 15, 2021

An arranged marriage to save the family from ruin?

Delia Blackstone knows what her mother is up to—she intends to marry her off to an older man who is all fortune and no future. And Delia’s having none of it.did

When a mysterious visitor appears on the family doorstep and offers an opportunity for Delia to travel from Pennsylvania to Colorado, Delia knows it is time for her to strike out on her own and discover a new life. Along the way she encounters a handsome drifter who captures her heart. But is he interested in trading his exciting life of adventure for love?

Two murders, a missing will, and a number of puzzling relationships are enough to unsettle anyone—even smart, capable Delia. Who can she trust? And can she trust her heart in matters of love?


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About the Author

Melody Carlson has written more than 200 books (with sales around 6.5 million) for teens, women, and children. That’s a lot of books, but mostly she considers herself a “storyteller.” Her young adult novels (Diary of a Teenage Girl, True Colors etc.) appeal to teenage girls around the world. Her annual Christmas novellas become more popular each year. She’s won a number of awards (including RT’s Career Achievement Award, the Rita, and the Gold medallion) and some of her books have been optioned for film/TV. Carlson has two grown sons and makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and yellow Lab dog.



More from Melody

I love historical stories about women. Particularly ones in the American frontier and old west. Probably because I grew up hearing pioneer stories from my grandparents, whose parents arrived in covered wagons. But contributions made by pioneering females is often overshadowed by their male counterparts. That’s why I enjoy researching and telling these fictional yet reality-based stories of women who lived and loved and did their part to settle the frontier. To me they are the unsung heroes of the West.


It is easy to feel like I have traveled back in time after reading this story. The author has done an excellent job of making the story cone to life with cowboys, cattle, ranches and a western theme. I loved reading and getting to know Delia. I was so upset how her mother treated her. After all her mother was the one who kept a secret for years. My heart went out to Delia when she was banished from the only home she knew. Greed was evident when her family tried to force her to marry someone because he was rich. 

The journey begins for Delia when she sets off on her own to meet her real father. Can you imagine finding out that your life has been a lie?  All I could do as I read the horrible words said to Delia by the people who raised her was to pray. Delia is a very determined young woman. I loved her courage and compassion for others. 

Meeting Wyatt on the train opens Delia’s heart. She soon realizes that they have an attraction for each other. I loved how the author was able to draw them into a friendship that left them wanting to keep in touch. I wanted Wyatt to follow Delia but he had business to take care of. When Delia arrived at her destination tragedy awaits her. Oh how my heart broke for her. All her dreams of a reunion with someone special is cut short. I loved the mystery in the story and I wasn’t quite sure who the guilty person was. 

I didn’t like Miranda at all when she puts on this show like she is queen of the ranch. She sure doesn’t welcome Delia and it is easy to tell that Miranda wanted her gone. Jealousy rears   it’s ugly head as Miranda tries everything she can to make Delia feel unwelcome. The emotions in the story are strong and the author demonstrates what grieve can do to a person. The story is well written and moves at a good pace. I do have some  lingering questions that I hope are answered in the next book . The book has mystery, secrets,  forgiveness, romance and a new beginning to keep readers entertained throughout the story. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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  1. Sounds like a book I will enjoy reading.

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful review and the book and author details, this sounds like a must read for me