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Monday, November 22, 2021


I was immediately drawn to Abigail because she was vulnerable and needed help. Losing her husband was hard, but being pregnant with no help starts to cause Abigail to feel unprepared. She is used to doing things on her own, but now with the baby almost here, she needs to swallow her pride and accept help. 

Thomas is one of those people who is willing to help anyone and never expect anything in return.  He works so much that  he  doesn’t have  time for himself. Deep down he is afraid of a relationship but his feelings for Abigail grow stronger every day. 

My favorite character in the  book is a sweet lady who comes to stay with Abigail during the last weeks of her pregnancy. This woman is full of love and wisdom. The time  she spends with Abigail helps heal a broken heart and give her confidence that she has lacked most of her life. When I came upon this in the book I had to stop reading and take these words in. “Someone cannot show what they haven’t learned.” Oh my did that hit me hard. I suddenly understood why my parents never showed me love. They grew up not having anyone tell them they were loved and no one ever hugged them. No wonder that same thing happened to me growing up. Abagail’s mother isn’t able to express her feelings because she doesn’t know how to. 

The story is a wonderful example of how our emotions can make us feel unloved . Abigail realizes that being able to share her feelings with her mother helped them grow closer. Letting Thomas help her with the  farm allowed Thomas to feel needed. As Christmas approaches our couple find joy, love,  happiness and a new beginning. I loved how the story ended and enjoyed the lesson on hope and sharing feelings in order to heal from your past. 

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