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Sunday, March 6, 2022


The Leftovers

About the Book

Book: The Leftovers: Baylor, Betrayal, and Beyond

Authors: Matt Sayman with David L. Thomas

Genre: Religion/Christian Living/Inspirational

Release date: February 22, 2022

9781641238373As a young boy, Matt Sayman dreamed of playing pro basketball. His family believed in his vision, even agreeing to move to Texas when one of Matt’s favorite coaches left Pennsylvania for the Lone Star State.

Matt eventually received a full athletic scholarship from Baylor University. He was only six-feet-four but what he lacked in height, he made up for in skill and positive attitude.

Then the summer before his senior year, the bottom fell out of Matt’s world. A player went missing…and was found dead. A teammate was the murder suspect. A coach was accused of paying players under the table. Some players had received drug-free urine samples to pass off as their own. And through it all, Matt was supposed to be the glue who held the Baylor basketball team together.

In The Leftovers: Baylor, Betrayal, and Beyond, Matt shares his personal story of dealing with the fallout after tragedy and trouble nearly sank Baylor’s program. Matt was senior co-captain, but with a short-manned team of leftover players, there was no way to have a winning season, no way some talent scout would take a chance on him.

Matt’s hope and faith were shaken because of the scandals that summer. His post-Baylor years included a DWI, a difficult divorce, and broken relationships. Matt struggled to find peace. On his thirtieth birthday, just a few days after a deep conversation with his pastor, Matt said goodbye to alcohol and surrendered his life to God.

This book tells the story of Matt’s personal redemption—but it is also a story of the redemption of Baylor University’s men’s basketball program. Matt’s team with a young new head coach forged the Baylor team that won the 2021 NCAA men’s basketball championship.


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About the Authors

MattSaymanMatt Sayman received a full athletic scholarship to play basketball at Baylor University from 2000–2004. After remaining with the program following a shocking scandal in the off-season before his senior year, Matt broke the Baylor career record for games played (118). He then played professional basketball in Iceland, winning the Icelandic championship for Njardvik in 2005.

Matt is currently the varsity basketball coach at Grapevine Faith Christian School in Texas, where he has led his team to the state semifinals the past two seasons. He enjoys inspiring young athletes with a message of “no magic”—just hard work, dedication, and a determination to work harder than the next guy.

Matt also serves as director of events for MGBasketball camps, where he is known for his ability to connect and inspire young athletes to give their best and improve each day.

He hosts JAMODI (Just A Matter Of Doing It) podcast, in which he interviews coaches and leaders to explore the reasons behind their successes.

Matt and his wife Jana live near Fort Worth, Texas, with their two sons.

* * *

David L. Thomas is the author or cowriter of more than a dozen books. He collaborated on two New York Times bestsellers: Wrestling for My Life with Shawn Michaels and Foxcatcherwith Mark Schultz. He also cowrote All In with Gene Chizik, a Wall Street Journal national bestseller, and SEAL of God with Chad Williams, with more than 100,000 books in print.

David worked thirty years in sports journalism, beginning at age thirteen as a sportswriter. He spent more than twenty years combined in the national award-winning sports departments of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and The Dallas Morning News, both of which were annually voted among the nation’ top ten sports sections.

A lifelong Texan and graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, David lives near Fort Worth with his wife Sally. They have two children, Ashlin and Tyson.


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I love a good comeback story, and this one has it all. The Leftovers is a great basketball book that shines a light on what true competitors can overcome with a solid work ethic and a drive that doesn’t quit.

Tony Romo
CBS Sports NFL analyst
Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback


Matt Sayman’s book is an inspiring personal story of a student-athlete’s struggles during one of the darkest moments in college basketball history, the Baylor basketball scandal, and its effect on him afterward. Ultimately, it is a moving story of personal redemption and an eyewitness account of the beginning of one of the sport’s greatest success stories ever.

Fran Fraschilla
ESPN college basketball analyst


This phenomenal story is heart-wrenching, compelling, and inspiring. I couldn’t put it down. The Leftovers is a must-read for anyone who loves the game—and anyone who appreciates a gripping story.

Mano Watsa
PGC Basketball president & owner


This book reflects on one man’s life as he travels through the college basketball circuit. It may be helpful if you know something about the sport, but it certainly won’t hinder you from grasping the emotional journey the author took. The first half of the book focuses on the beginning of the author’s career as his love for basketball started at a young age. I enjoyed getting to know him better and how he followed his dream. However this isn’t all a happy carefree story but one where a young man went through a difficult scandal and found his way through the ashes to become stronger and more grounded in his faith. 

Looking forward to becoming a big name in the college basketball world has many ups and downs. There will always be someone better than you, but Matt never gave up. His coach  encouraged him to be the best he could be and have confidence in himself. In the course of his college years, something in the team started to unravel a little at a time. Friendships started to fracture and jealousy began to enter into the locker room. What was happening to this team that Matt loved being a part of?

 Matt was excited to see where the team could go until one day everything changed. Being called in for a team meeting  is nothing unusual but this time police officers were there. I could feel the tension in the air as the officers started asking the whereabouts of one of their teammates. Matt’s life was now reeling out of control. Rumors were everywhere in the news. How could he have missed the things being  reported about his team? Hopelessness creeps in and Matt does something  he has never done before. Wanting to escape everything he turns to alcohol to stop the pain of being lied to by a coach he trusted and respected. 

The story takes us through the scandal that rocked the college basketball league. I admire Matt for sticking it out during his senior year although the media seemed to always be close by asking sensitive questions. I think they were waiting for the team to turn on each other but in the midst of chaos God showed up for Matt. The story shares struggles, scandals and endurance. Matt could have given up but he didn’t. Along with a few other players they started over and overcame obstacles that others may not have been able to handle. Through it all, Matt rededicated his life  to God and became an example of never giving  up. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit, The review is my own opinion.

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