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Sunday, March 27, 2022


I just finished this book and am not sure how I want to write the review. Do I talk about the different characters, or do I mention the many emotions that spilled across the pages? The story is very intricate in details with layers that have been hidden for years. To do justice to this story I have to go with my feelings and just write what I have on my heart. 

The book deals with subjects that may trigger some so be cautious if you have trouble reading about suicide, sexual assault, drug abuse or child prostitution. Yes all these are in the book and I did have a hard time reading it. But I continued because I so desperately wanted to see how Kendra would deal with her own personal journey. 

For victims of abuse there are many ways to hide the truth. You can forget about it and hope you never have to think about it again. For some they find talking about it helps. Kendra writes a book to try to heal from her abuse. Did it help her? I’m not sure that she found everything she hoped for but she did unravel so much more than she realized. Her emotions are raw and exposes the pain of losing her innocence while feeling ashamed for what happened. 

I have zero sympathy for Tyler. Yes I know what happened to him as a child, but that should make him not want to do it to others.  I have always disliked when someone says, “if you have been abused, you will probably abuse someone yourself.” That is such a horrible statement and I resent when people use that as a defense. We are not defined by our past. 

The person who really grabbed my attention was Cami. She was Kendra’s best friend, yet she felt like she was invisible. Cami needed a friend who she could count on and share her secrets with. Kendra was so wrapped up in being the victim, she never realized that Cami was hurting as well. I wonder how many of us have made everything about ourselves yet forget that our story affects others? To all the Cami’s of the world, I hope you find peace, forgiveness and love. 

I received a copy of this book from The Librarything Early Reader Program. The review is my own opinion.

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