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Tuesday, July 19, 2022


Don't miss the latest installment of the addictive Coventry Sage, pulse-pounding fiction that'll keep you reading late into the night from a USA Today bestselling author.

In the world of big money and big politics, nobody walks away unscathed.

The people of Coventry never suspect that Josie Smith, owner of the local coffee shop, is the daughter of a powerful senator. She went to Washington to serve constituents, but her desire to do good morphed into a desire to win at all costs. When one of those costs grew too heavy to bear, she changed her name and left DC, vowing to never get involved in politics again. But when her father becomes his party’s lone voice standing against corrupt legislation, his enemies will do whatever it takes to get his vote, and Josie finds herself caught in a familiar web of malicious tactics.

Thomas Windham never planned to run for office, but when Coventry's disgraced mayor is replaced by a dishonest appointee, Thomas can’t stand to see his town torn apart by corruption. He feels he has no choice but to throw his hat in the ring. He doesn't have a chance in the mayoral race against the well-known politician, that is until he meets Josie, who knows more about running for office than a typical café owner would.

When Josie is threatened by two masked men, she and Thomas form an alliance—her wisdom for his protection. The election becomes secondary as Josie's adversaries escalate their attacks. How can she and Thomas withstand enemies determined to get what they want at any cost?

Don't miss this pulse-pounding Christian romantic suspense that'll keep you reading late into the night.


This has been a very eye opening look into the political world where deceit, threats and power play a role in this intriguing story. I’m sure we have all heard talks about how corrupt the government can be. In this story we have several characters trying to prove that there are honest people within the government.  When they  stand up for their beliefs they find themselves in danger and open the door for evil to walk in. 

What I found interesting was the scripture “the love of money id  the root of all evil,” play out in this intense drama. Power for some can lead to big egos that crave more power and more money in order to feel good about themselves. Several months ago the issue that is being addressed in a bill in the story  would be very vital. However as we know the much argued case of abortion has seen a change that has caused riots, friends turn into enemies and a division in this country. I still think this story is very important because it shows that a senator is steadfast in his faith and will not bow to the enemies threats. 

At the front of the crisis is the senator’s daughter who has tried to lead a very private life . Somehow her identity is revealed and it sets the stage for Josie to need bodyguards to keep her safe. The continuous danger she is in gives readers a high octane edge of your seat writing experience. The author lets us get to know Josie better as she  shares her strong faith and opens her heart to someone who I really came to trust. Thomas has his hands full running for office and protecting Josie from harm. 

I loved the friend/love scenario between Josie and Thomas. I think because Josie is still being pursued by her ex fiancé it causes her to hold her feelings back for Thomas. I was beginning to wonder if one of Josie’s friends may be involved with the group that  was trying to sabotage the senator and Josie. The author cleverly leaves a trail of hints but I just couldn’t be quite sure I knew who it was. The intense action is good and brings the story to a new level of suspense. 

As the pressure mounts as to what the senator decides to do, Josie and  Thomas place their trust in God and try to get ahead of someone who is willing to release photos that  could damage their  lives. I kept thinking that God was in control now and He will expose the enemy and use what was meant for bad God will use for good. The ending exposes the desperate measures people take to gain power. They are willing to kill, destroy lives and threaten others who try to stop them. Get ready for a heart pounding ending that will leave you shaking. 

As I close out my review I have to recognize a man who although was in the background, was a true hero in my eyes. Donley is assigned to watch over Josie and he did it with integrity and intelligence. I admired how he was willing  to put his life on the line for others. His instincts were good and I am thrilled to know that he will be featured in a upcoming book from this talented author.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit and the author. The review is my own opinion.

Robin Patchen is a USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of Christian romantic suspense. She grew up in a small town in New Hampshire, the setting of her Nutfield Saga books, and then headed to Boston to earn a journalism degree. After college, working in marketing and public relations, she discovered how much she loathed the nine-to-five ball-and-chain. After relocating to the Southwest, she started writing her first novel while she homeschooled her three children. The novel was dreadful, but her passion for storytelling didn’t wane. Thankfully, as her children grew, so did her writing ability. Now that her kids are adults, she has more time to play with the lives of fictional heroes and heroines, wreaking havoc and working magic to give her characters happy endings. When she’s not writing, she’s editing or reading, proving most of her life revolves around the twenty-six letters of the alphabet. 

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