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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

About the Book

Book:  Returning to Breakers

Author: Rachel Skatvold

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Release date: October 25, 2022

Sometimes God’s “why” comes too late… and just in time.

Tiffany Hill is a master at concealing her emotions. She can’t admit she has her own questions about God—like why He allowed her Marine husband to die in action. A single mom with three children to care for and the general store on Merriweather to run leaves little time for philosophizing. She has more pressing issues to deal with. Like how her dream of running the family business has become a burden. Is keeping the business afloat even worth the effort anymore?

After high school and an unfortunate falling out with his father, Liam Hadler left Breakers Head, determined never to look back. He failed on that one, and one of many regrets was leaving his high school sweetheart behind to chase an impossible dream.

When his mother calls after his father suffers a stroke, Liam has a tough decision to make. Will he return to a place he’s avoided for sixteen years, and is making amends with his father even possible?

A chance encounter with Tiffany after so many years never occurred to him, but memories of their time together rekindles something he thought he’d lost. What’ll it take to persuade her to give him a second chance?

This Breakers Head novel is Rachel Skatvold’s final book in the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

The Independence Islands Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.


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About the Author

Rachel Skatvold is a Christian author and stay-at-home mom from the Midwest. She enjoys writing Christian romance and devotionals. Rachel has published over a dozen novels, including books in the Hart Ranch Series, set in the Montana wilderness and the Ladies of Ardena Series, set in medieval times. She is also a contributing author in the Whispers in Wyoming and Brides of Pelican Rapids Series. Other than writing, some of her hobbies include singing, reading and camping in the great outdoors with her husband and two young sons. You can find more information about Rachel and her books on her website:

More from Rachel

Thank you for following the Returning to Breakers Celebration Tour with Celebrate Lit. Writing in the Independence Islands Series has been an incredible journey and since this is my last book in the series, it’s bitter sweet to say goodbye to these wonderful characters. Although some of them may show up in the sister series, Suamalie Islands…hint, hint, hint!


It has also been a joy to work with Sandra Barela, Chautona Havig, Denise Barela, and everyone else on the Celebrate Lit team. Thank you to them and the wonderful authors I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with. You all have been amazing.


Returning to Breakers features two sets of characters. First, Tiffany and Liam, but also, Kendall and Tyler. Along with Tiff’s story, I do hope you also enjoy the conclusion of the love story between the two main characters from my first book in the series.

In this book, we find Tiffany overwhelmed and ready for a fresh start. As a single mom of three kids and a business owner, she has to wear about every hat imaginable. She has always been an advice giver to everyone else, but now she desperately needs advice herself. Should she sell the family store? It’s one of many questions plaguing her soul. When her friends realize Tiff is floundering, they know she needs a lifeline in the form of some R&R. They arrange for her and the kids to stay at a local resort on Mimosa. Tiffany is reluctant at first but ultimately gives in, quickly realizing how much she needed to rest and reconnect with her kids. However, when an old love from the past returns to the islands, will Tiff’s relaxing vacation be swept away in the tide?


This book is close to my heart because it is dedicated to my oldest sister, Becky. Growing up, she was a great person to go to for spiritual advice, similar to Tiff in this book. She always has wisdom to impart and quotes Bible verses of encouragement even to this day when I need advice.


This book was also inspired by a verse from Philippians 4:6-7, which says, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” When we go through something difficult in life, sometimes it is easy to forget to pray. However, if we leave our worries and anxieties with God, He will take them from us and in return, give us peace. This is one of the lessons Tiff learns during this story and it is also a wonderful reminder for me during trials I have been facing recently.




I am sad that this is the author’s last contribution to this series. I love visiting the island and getting reacquainted with the characters. The authors that  write this series are very good at having different characters from each others books make appearances in their book. I was excited to see two characters in particular in this book and how the author brings their story to a close. 

Our focus in this story involves two people that knew each other back in high school. Tiffany has really been busy raising three children alone, coping with her husband’s death and running the family store. I had to laugh at the cash registers used because I can remember them when I was a checker at a grocery store when I was a teenager. They jammed all the time and was so frustrating  to use. Tiffany is overwhelmed with employees not showing up and it  puts her having to stay later to close up. I think she needs a much needed break. 

Liam has come back to see his father and hopefully repair their relationship. He still  holds some  bitterness but knows that it is time to make amends. You can feel the chill in the air as he arrives at his father’s home. I don’t think Liam knew just how ill  his father is until he talks to his doctor. His dad needs a kidney transplant and Liam is determined to be the donor. How will he convince his father to let him do this without a fight? 

The author brings Liam and Tiffany together in a unique way. Tiffany is blessed with a mini vacation for her and her children at the resort where Liam is staying at. After sixteen years Liam’s first eye contact is with Tiffany having green goop on her face. The details of this encounter is a little funny and I enjoyed them getting to see each other again. 

Tiffany struggles with letting others help her  but as she spends time praying she realizes that God is teaching her to let others help her and spend less time worrying about everything. It can be hard for us sometimes to admit we need help. Once we let go of our pride, we can start to see God’s direction for our lives. 

Liam’s lesson is understanding that he not only needs to forgive his father but God as well. We all have asked the question, “Why did God allow this to happen?” For Liam it was seeing his parents divorce that had caused him to become angry. I liked how the author illustrates forgiveness and how important it is to get rid of bitterness. The ending is beautiful and shares new beginnings for several characters. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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