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Friday, December 30, 2022



It isn't easy to be Katie Weaver. Her sister-in-law Ella is about to have a baby, making Katie an aunt for the second time . . . and she's only six and a half! Plus, her favorite librarian, Miss Donovan, seems sad. She won't even fix up the rundown nativity in front of the library in time for Christmas. Then, an old woman is attacked outside the library, and, one by one, the nativity figures start to disappear!

Luckily, there's a new deputy in town, Connor Fields.

He takes a real liking to Miss Donovan . . . and he promises to find the missing nativity pieces for Katie.

Now, all Katie has to do is pray that Ella's delivery goes well and that some kind of nativity is in place for Christmas Eve. Oh, and that Miss D. falls in love with Connor. Katie knows from watching her three brothers that it makes people real happy. And that would be a Christmas miracle indeed!


Katie is such an endearing child and it was easy to fall in love with her. She has such a big heart and wants something done about the sad looking nativity scene outside the library. She is very direct when she tells the librarian that they need to have a real life nativity scene . Wouldn’t that be wonderful to behold. Seeing it come to life just gives me chills. Now Katie has to convince a lot of people how important it is to have this take place. 

Miss  Jayne Donavan doesn’t  seem very excited about the nativity and Katie remembers  she has been sad for awhile. Maybe Katie can find her a man to make her happy again. Oh my this girl is really got lot of  ideas so she better focus and ask God for help. I wonder how Jayne  feels about being matched with a new beau? Right before closing a man rushes into  the library for help. Conner is a police officer who is looking for some books when he hears a scream outside the library. Oh how I liked the little mystery going on with a stolen figure from the nativity scene and a woman who claims she was attacked. Now Jayne is curious why someone wanted to damage the  nativity.  Is Jayne in danger and who could be vandalizing outside the library? 

The faith of a child is so precious and I adored how Katie was determined to find the librarian a man to marry and have the best live nativity the town has ever known. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I quickly wanted to help her. Her prayer to God is sweet and pure. Katie learns a valuable lesson about what Christmas is really about. “It’s about family and love. It’s about you, God.”

If you are looking for a quick read that celebrates Christmas, this is the perfect book. Find out who is stealing the nativity characters and if Katie gets her live nativity scene. And don’t miss the question of does Jayne finds love.

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