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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

About the Book

Book: The Letter

Author: Edwina Kiernan

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release date: November 1, 2022

She wants a new life.

He’s in danger of losing his. 

Will love solve everything — or immerse them in even worse peril? 

Restless and ready for a change, Grace Stratton gladly accepts the opportunity to leave her remote parsonage home to serve as a wealthy spinster’s companion in the idyllic country town of Lindenfell. Its warm atmosphere and friendly inhabitants sooth Grace’s lonely heart. But when a mysterious stranger arrives, she soon discovers things aren’t always what they seem.

Convinced chloroform will revolutionise the medical world, Dr. David Carbury frequently administers it to his London patients — until one of them dies. Facing a grave trial to prove his innocence and defend a drug most people view as poisonous, he makes hasty plans to buy time to bolster his case. But he wasn’t expecting to face an even deadlier challenge.

As attraction sparks not long after they meet, Grace soon suspects he’s hiding something, and David knows he can’t run from the truth forever.

But neither of them could imagine the sinister threat lurking just around the corner…

Immersed in faith and intrigue, this Christian Victorian romance from award-winning author Edwina Kiernan will encourage and delight you long after you turn the last page.


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About the Author

Edwina Kiernan is the Christian author of the award-winning novel, Ruby’s Redemption.

An enthusiast of classic novels and history, Edwina combines her faith, imagination and research to create hope-infused tales set in times past.

A lifelong word admirer, with Welsh and Irish heritage, she started writing stories early in childhood.

She is a committed follower of Jesus (the Living Word), and endeavours to use her pen to point others to Him.


More from Edwina

Have you ever wished you could travel back in time to a place where quaint buildings are bathed with a golden glow in the afternoon light, where the people are polite and respectful, and where the pace of living allows your soul to breathe and just… be?


In that case…


Welcome to Lindenfell!


The Letter introduces us to Grace Stratton (daughter of the hero & heroine from my award-winning novel, Ruby’s Redemption), who accepts a position as a lady’s companion in a place she’s never been before, but where she’ll soon discover a whole new world.


“The air in Lindenfell had a scent of its own — one of warmth and peace. Of hope.”


Lord-willing, the Victorian Virtues series will have nine books, each based on an aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit, and each exploring the historical events and everyday realities that change and challenge eighteen main characters and nine blossoming romances.


Friends and foes, tragedies and triumphs, hopes and heartaches — the best and worst of life, all in one fictional market town in Victorian England.


It is my deepest hope that, as you travel to Lindenfell in each book of the series, you’ll find the truth and hope you need to navigate your own trials and triumphs, and discover that the refreshment your soul longs for is already available to you, wherever you may be.


When was the last time you received a handwritten letter from someone? Have you recently sent a handwritten letter to a friend? I think the days of that special way to correspond to each other is not popular anymore. With this story it was a valuable commodity and brought news to people who may not hear from someone without that special letter. I adored this book because it brings a sense of nostalgia to me where a personal way to communicate was welcomed. 

The author uses special letters between characters to express great desire, sorrow and hope. I loved how a letter could bring  hope  to someone who needed to read words of forgiveness. In another letter it expresses feelings of despair and lost love. But perhaps the best letter would soon come and bring reconciliation and a new beginning. 

I liked how Grace wanted to be adventurous and took on the job of being a companion to a widow. Her excitement is contagious as she meets her new employer. I loved how she is grounded in faith and never sways from her beliefs. Grace is lonely at times and has a hope that someday the right gentleman will come along to make her happy. 

David is someone I liked  very much. He is a gifted physician and does  his best to help those who are ill. When one of his patients dies, the family blames him for the death. It was interesting to learn  about how chloroform was just beginning to become popular and it was considered to be the best new drug for anesthesia. I was so upset when David’s fellow partner turned on him. Now David faces a trial which could either send him to jail, prove his innocence or sentence him to death. 

Going  to visit his aunt turns out to be more than he bargained for. He finds Grace there and is smitten with her. There is a slight problem though as David has not been truthful to his aunt or Grace. I think others in the town were a little suspicious of him as well. The story focuses on how a lie turns into ruining relationships and causing someone great pain. 

David is overcome with guilt and just as he is about to give up someone befriends him. I loved this moment as David finds a true friend who is willing to help him clear his name. It is a long road for David but in the midst of the storm he finds something very special. Don’t miss this part  of the story where the author illustrates God’s grace and unconditional love.

There are a few twists at the end of the  book that heightens the intense feeling of the story. The trial is full of drama and surprises as David has faith that God will clear his name. Just as I thought the story was coming  to a close, the author shocks me with one more tense scene. In the end our characters realize that telling the truth will “set you free.”

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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  1. thanks for your review. this book sounds so exciting

  2. Thank you for sharing your excellent review of The Letter. I like the cover and synopsis and I think that this is a story that I will truly enjoy reading

  3. I know that I will enjoy this book. I have always loved handwritten letters and still correspond the old-fashioned way, and I email if that is more appropriate.

  4. This sounds like an interesting book!