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Thursday, January 26, 2023


New Year's Eve has always been a special time for the small town, Holiday Junction, with its annual tradition, the Sparkle Ball, along with the town Merry Maker spreading joy and cheer to all its residents. But this year, the joy is short-lived when local nuisance and troublemaker, Hillary Stevens, is found murdered in holiday town’s mini-village.

As the town's resident nosy journalist, Violet Rhinehammer is determined to uncover the truth behind Hillary’s murder and bring the killer to justice. But her investigation is complicated by her own secret - she is the town Merry Maker, and must keep her identity hidden from Mae West, her best friend who is visiting for the festive town’s Sparkle Ball.

With suspects at every turn and a town full of secrets, Violet must use her keen investigative skills and determination to uncover the truth before the killer strikes again. Will she be able to solve the mystery and bring the killer to justice, or will her own secret be her downfall?

New Year's Nuisance is a gripping tale of mystery and intrigue, perfect for fans of small town crime novels. With well-developed characters and a twisting plot, this book will keep you guessing until the very end.


It is so nice to be back with Violet and bonus she has a special guest from her home town. Mae has come a calling and I knew for sure we were in for a laughing, mystery happening book. The first little snag in the visit is when Mae assumes she will be staying with Violet. Oops. Well that didn’t go as planned. Violet is very busy with work and trying to keep up her duties as the secret town  Merry Maker. 

We are in for quite the adventure as Violet and Mae find themselves investigating a murder. Oh I’m not surprised  at all that this is happening but I didn’t expect all the twists in the story. The author does a great job of keeping us guessing while entertaining us with antics from the two women. It’s the perfect setting in this little quaint village for southern charm, holidays filled with family and oh yeah a murder here or there. Don’t miss the latest in this laugh out loud on the edge of up your seat cozy mystery. 

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