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Saturday, May 20, 2023

About the Book

Book: The Ghost of Darwin Stewart

Author:LG Nixon

Genre: Young Adult Fiction/Religious/Christian Fantasy/Mysteries & Detective Stories

Release date: October 15, 2021

It’s all fun and games until a smelly ghost, and a terrifying shape-shifting entity follows Lucy home. When a malevolent spirit learns Lucy is the keeper of the artifact he has been searching millennia to find, everyone she loves is placed in danger. With several other magical artifacts which were in the trunk she purchased from the vendor at the flea market, Lucy finds she has access to powers she never knew existed.

The Spectrescope has shown her a beguiling other world reality filled with magic, spirits, wizards, and daemons. The artifact is the key to unlocking many secrets. Secrets, that if not kept, would mean destruction for the world beyond the portal, and possibly her own.  Whether she likes it or not, she must decide. Will she protect the artifact? Or will she give it up to protect herself?


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About the Author

Meet LG Nixon, author, coffee connoisseur, motorcycle enthusiast, and collector of strange artifacts. With her zany imagination, she fuses a page-turning fantasy with a haunting theme and turns it into a spirit filled adventure with quirky and likable characters. After a long career, she left the workplace behind and turned to writing. Her stories are lighthearted but carry an underlying message of the importance of a Biblical worldview. She researches and writes full-time from her home in Michigan where she prowls the night star gazing and watching for a supernatural event. LG loves to ski, ride motorcycles, travel, and fly small planes; but no bungee jumping, thank you very much.

More from LG Nixon

I’ve always had zany and quirky imagination. Growing up in a creaky old house with a grandmother who told stories of ghostly visitations, I was curious. As a child, I filled journals with mystery and detective stories.


These days I write about ghosts and spirits to entertain, and use scripture as dialogue to portray God’s love and forgiveness, our hope of redemption, and the reality of a supernatural dimension just beyond our perception.


Why would a Christian author write about ghosts? Because scripture is filled with ghosts and spirits, angels, and demons along with some amazing creatures. God uses incredible imagery to capture our imagination and draw us deeper into His word. I love to study scripture because I always find new truths that go beyond the scope of imagination.


My writing has grown from my love for Jesus and a desire to share my faith with hope and encouragement. The Issachar Gatekeeper series is designed to show young adults in a fun, adventurous way the impact Christian principles can have on their lives and to deepen their understanding of the world around them.


Our heroine, Lucy, has a wonderful neighbor, Mrs. McGoo, who always comes through to save the day with her delicious chocolate chip cookies. Lucy’s best friend, Schuyler Williams, says, “A really good chocolate chip cookie is nearly a spiritual experience, don’t you think?” So, we are sharing this recipe with you so you can sit, relax, and share some with a friend. Enjoy!



This book has a feel of Nancy Drew with a twist on spiritual warfare. It  is a different kind of story that  not everyone will like. I think it would be suited best for young adult to adults. I love the mystery in the story and how the author is able to combine ghosts, strange creatures and secrets to give readers plenty of action and a look at how evil can slip in and trick people. 

“When a person allows strong feelings to rob them of joy and happiness , their spirit slowly withers away.”  This is something Lucy and her friend will find  important to remember. Lucy is strong and seems to be able to grasp what she is learning to keep her grounded. But she must always be on guard, because darkness is always close by.

After Lucy finds interesting items at a flea market such as a bracelet and something called  a Spectrescope, strange things  start happening. Why does someone want the Spectroscope and what value does it have? With her friend Schuyler, the adventure begins with strange  spirits that could be dangerous. I was very intrigued by Iam  who  is there to give Lucy advice and keep her eyes focused on good and not evil.

The story did creep me out at times because I don’t like ghosts at all. The author however doesn’t go into much detail of what they look like so that helps somewhat. I did feel like I was part of the story as Lucy and Schuyler investigate what is after them. Does the house Lucy lives in have secrets? We will soon see what Lucy will face as evil is closing in. 

The story is very much an illustration of spiritual warfare and putting on the armor of God. Iam reminds Lucy to trust and when she does she see that the enemy flees. We have free will and need to choose wisely. The enemy is always out there waiting for a way to slip into your thoughts. I look forward to the next book n this series.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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  1. Deana, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. L.G. Nixon is a new-to-me author.