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Friday, June 23, 2023



New England

"You buried my husband four years ago."

In the filtered light of a spring funeral, 
Amish Rob Avery stills his shovel to stare at the beautiful woman in front of him. He knew her words to be true. He was, after all, the caretaker of the local cemetery, and he remembered her well. Such beauty is impossible to forget.

However, Rob is conscious of the social barriers that would keep him from romantically pursuing Flora Matthews. But when their lives begin to intertwine, things become complicated. Rob receives a letter naming him as sole guardian of his deceased brother’s three young children. As his feelings for Flora grow, he longs for her to accompany him into a new life.

Flora Matthews, a widowed heiress, has spent four years as a lonely woman and believes that she will never love again. Then she meets a kind 
Amish man. Rob Avery makes her feel alive to new possibilities. As she shares her mansion with visits from Rob and his new family, she grows to trust God’s Word as He leads her onward. When a devastating fire touches Flora’s life, Rob teaches her that even ashes can hold beauty. She comes to discover more about herself through her blossoming relationship with Rob and the children. Although she is Englisch, she reminds Rob what it means to be Amish, and together, they attempt to write the poetry of a life lived through Christ.

But will the classism of a small town threaten the life Flora and Rob seek? Will God bring Rob's life full circle as Flora reminds him that his Spirit has been . . . 
Amish Always?

 This is a nice sweet short novella  that shares hope, beauty from ashes and a new beginning. I loved getting to know Flora and her mother-in-law. Sweet Flora has taken on the job of caring for her dear mother-in-law and has noticed her mind not being  as sharp as it use to be. Flora misses her husband and feels lonely without him. It is not by accident that she runs  into Rob as he works in the cemetery. 

Rob is a hard worker and is determined to pay his family’s debt off. I admired him for working any job that  was available. When he receives news that his nephew and nieces are coming to live with him after their parents death, he seeks God for help. He is barely making it on his own but now he has three children to care for  as well. 

I loved how Flora and Rob get to know each other and you can tell that God brings them together for a reason. Come join them as they discover new love, how God brings beauty from devastation and a new beginning filled with love. 

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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