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Monday, July 10, 2023


Ex-FBI profiler River Ryland still suffers from PTSD after a case went horribly wrong. Needing a fresh start, she moves to St. Louis to be near her ailing mother and opens a private investigation firm with her friend and former FBI partner, Tony St. Clair. They're soon approached by a grieving mother who wants them to find out what happened to her teenaged son, who disappeared four years ago. River knows there's almost no hope the boy is still alive, but his mother needs closure, and River and Tony need a case, no matter how cold it might be.

But as they follow the boy's trail, which gets more complicated at every turn, they find themselves in the path of a murderer determined to punish anyone who gets in his way. As River and Tony race to stop him before he kills again, an even more dangerous threat emerges, stirring up the past that haunts River and plotting an end to her future.


Lock your door, grab your covers and get ready for an intense, action packed thriller where nothing is what it seems. The author begins a new series with two characters that capture your attention right away. River is still reeling from something that changed her life forever as she agrees to open a  private investigation firm with her friend Tony. They both were there together the night that is detailed in the opening pages of this story. I was on the  edge of my seat as these two suffered at the  hands of a monster. It is unnerving what they went through but now they are determined to make a fresh start at their new partnership. 

River is someone who you may need to walk on egg shells around. She can be abrupt and rude at times but her heart is in the  right place. I think I can say with confidence that she makes a great character because she still carries  trauma from her past but tries to keep it buried.  I expect any minute for her to explode and perhaps it may allow  her to finally let go of the past. Sometimes we go to a  dark place before we finally cry out to God. River has struggled with her lack of faith for a long time. I love when Tony tells her, “ God will lead you out.” 

Tony is someone you definitely want as a friend. He is compassionate, determined and protective. I love how he watches out for River and is attentive to her mood swings. The case they are working on is bringing up sone bad memories and Tony is there to not only protect River but to put whoever is targeting them away. I like how the author  weaves a story that keeps you guessing while witnessing the strong faith thread throughout the book.  

I appreciate how the author gives us a glimpse into what a mentally challenged person deals with. I almost feel sorry for the person in the story because he couldn’t understand that he needed help. All the years he had been bullied really  affected him and caused him to not trust anyone. With medication he could have a better life but he chooses  to ignore everyone and the consequences are  deadly. I love how the author leaves the door open for the next book in this series. I am anxiously waiting to see what happened next in this thriller that takes you deep inside the world of mental illness  where danger lurks if help is not received. 

I received a copy of this book from the author and also purchased a copy as well. The review is my own opinion. 

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