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Friday, August 11, 2023

About the Book

Book: A Promise of Home: A WW2 Family Saga

Author: Kathryn Spurgeon

Genre: Historical Fiction

Release Date: November 21, 2022

What did WW11 look like for those who remained in the U.S? As the war heats up, hundreds of young men from Fremont’s hometown of Shawnee, Oklahoma, enlist, or get drafted. Word filters in about the wounded, the missing in action, and those who have died overseas.

Fremont Pope has not been drafted, but to do his part, he finds a job at an ammunition plant in Colorado Springs. His wife, Sibyl, hopes to teach women at a new church. They’re glad to get away from their cantankerous family, and then their family follows them to Colorado!

When the plant begins to close down, Fremont’s boss offers an amazing promotion back east. Their other choice is to move to New Mexico for mission work. Which will it be? Plunge ahead to a lucrative corporate job or help a small new church grow?

Ultimately, they yearn to go home, but where is home? Are they willing to give up their dreams and begin again?

As the couple stays in touch with people in their hometown, they learn of numerous war-time tragedies. Their return to Shawnee coincides with soldiers returning home. Based on a true story, footnotes and author’s notes are included.


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About the Author

Kathryn Spurgeon, an inspirational biographical writer. She’s won many awards including an Illumination Book Award. Publishing over a hundred stories, articles, and poems, she’s also published four novels. She grew up on an Oklahoma farm before moving to South Korea, where she adopted two children. She and her husband, Bill, now live in Oklahoma and have six children and fourteen beautiful grandchildren.

More from Kathryn

Researching the 1930s and 40s was almost more fun than writing the book!

Some reviewers’ remarks about this series:

“I could have learned a lot more in history class if we would have had stories like these.”

“Wow, reading this was like being there as it was happening. Cannot wait for more books by Ms. Spurgeon.”


The opening scene made me hurt for Sibyl and her husband Fremont. After losing everything in a fire they travel from Oklahoma to Colorado Springs. The treatment they receive at the new church was icy to say the least. Poor Sibyl has her hands full with little ones and a new baby on the way. She wants to be accepted from these ladies. I could see them sticking their noses in the air with judgment dripping from their mouths. Have you  ever gone to a new church and felt unwelcome? I have and it is an awful feeling which made me never return to that church. 

There is an abundant  of information about WWII in the story which helps readers get a bigger picture of how families were affected. The women worried about their men being called up to serve or where they were going  to be sent. So much chaos happened during  this war and caused many to feel hopeless. I like that Sibyl wanted to help send care packages to the soldiers. However the church didn’t seem as invested in the program. It must have been lonely being away fighting a war and thinking no one cared. 

The story delivers characters that I became invested in.  I enjoyed following them as they endured hardships while keeping their faith strong. Fremont was such a hard worker. He worked long hours and still came home to help with chores around the house. With so many men joining the service, it put more work on the men who stayed behind. 

I enjoyed reading how life was like during this turbulent time. I learned facts I didn’t know about and was intrigued by the sacrifices many made. Not only were families on rations such as gasoline, bread and flour but there were times supplies was scarce. The story reads like a movie and I could picture even the littlest details as the authors do a wonderful job of writing. It has been a pleasure to go back in time and read about this tine period. I couldn’t wait to see what Fremont and Sibyl would decide when an offer is made to them? Ministry has been a dream for a long time for them. Big decisions need to be made and I love how they prayed until they heard an answer from God. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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  1. This wonderful review reinforces my desire to read this book. It will give me an idea of what my grandparents might have experienced during this time period.

  2. This sounds like a book I would really enjoy!

  3. I have gotten to know and grown to appreciate Kathryn's family through her writing. I remember when she brought those beautiful children home to Oklahoma from Korea.
    All the attention to naming places and streets that I know have put me in the novel's. I look forward to reading more.

  4. This looks like a very intriguing novel. Thanks for hosting.