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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

About the Book

Book: Muldoon’s Minnesota Darling, a Novella

Author: E.V. Sparrow

Genre: Historical fiction

Release Date: May 10, 2023

A heartsore widower with hidden fears and little faith…
The naïve daughter of a farmer guarding a repulsive secret…
A township unaware of the hidden menace amongst them…

Heartbroken from losing his family and his farm, Mick Muldoon is hopeful as he emigrates to America with his siblings. All he finds is despair and no work. Were America’s rumored promises of plenty all lies? Would God ever hear and answer his prayers?

Seventeen-year-old Shauna McGann is determined to marry Mick Muldoon despite her mother’s objections. His past and his limp might repulse others, but not her. What burdens Shauna is her terrible secret – a secret she promised her friends she would keep. Now Shauna needs help and protection. Could she trust Mick, or will she lose everything by telling him?

Will Mick finally be free of loss and find success in America? Will Shauna overcome her fears and finally feel safe?

In this Muldoon’s Misfortunes prelude novella, author E.V. Sparrow creates a provoking tale of flickering faith and enduring hope through an emigrant’s efforts to adapt, and a young woman’s unprejudiced love.


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About the Author

E.V. Sparrow is a short story writer turned novelist. Her readers encounter God’s unexpected presence through her character’s escapades. Her own adventures she wrote about involved traveling in over twenty countries. Sparrow lived on an Israeli kibbutz, worked for the U.S. 

Army in Bavaria, and hopped a freight train for a weekend.

A highlight for Sparrow is when Guideposts and Bethany House Publishers accepted four of her anthologized  stories before she signed a 3-book historical fiction series contract with Celebrate Lit Publishing.

Her father’s family’s immigration from Ireland, their letters and documents, and some family stories inspired her current historical fiction novels.

In E.V.’s personal and church life, she ministered through prayer, worship, mission teams, and in Divorce Care and Singles. California native relocated to North Carolina, E.V. Sparrow and her husband enjoy family time with their grandchildren and exploring their new state.

More from E.V.

I’m writing books inspired by my father’s family because they believed in God but wrestled with their faith. Faith doesn’t come easy for every believer. We grapple with intimacy with God, but does God battle with us?

My oldest brother shared some stories of our great-grandfather, who emigrated here after losing his wives and children in Ireland. Yes, at least two families. I wondered, how could a suffering heart and soul survive those losses? Our great-grandfather’s inner turmoil didn’t change once he resettled in America. I read letters he wrote to his son—our grandfather and sifted through family photos. Certain aspects from the timeline of great-grandfather’s life fashioned my main character, Mick Muldoon. Mick encountered God’s unexpected presence several times without recognizing it.

Thinking through a Scripture verse, 1 Corinthians 13:13, (NIV) “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love,” reveals what remains when all else we are accustomed to is gone. I assume hope is as powerful as faith and love. It’s a triangle of strength for us until it goes wobbly. What happens when one or two of the three stabilizers are weaker than the others? Wounded, confused, and resilient characters named Mick, Orla, and Liam Muldoon.


Mick has suffered several losses and travels to America to start over. Being from Ireland  he will face challenges but I admired his determination. He has a limp that  at times causes other to think he is not capable of working. How easy it is for people to judge him when they don’t take the time to get to know someone. It was sad that Mick had lost two wives and several children at such a young  age. Mick is struggling with finding work and has attracted the attention of what I would call a bully. This man is someone to be careful around as rumors about him are not good. 

Shauna has caught Mick’s eye and thinks perhaps he may ask permission to court her. She has kept a dark secret that she shares with Mick as they begin their relationship. Even though Mick promised he would not tell, he knew he had to do something before  a tragedy occurred. 

I enjoyed reading how Mick and Shauna became closer and began a commitment to each other. Mick is worried when his wife becomes pregnant. Will the same thing happen to this baby as his others? He has this darkness around him that tries to get him to not believe in God. There is much tragedy in the  story but the author illustrates how God is always there. As Mick continues to feel like something is bringing death around  him, his wife continues to speak to him about God. 

I liked the story and  how we got a bit of history which I enjoyed.  We witness sadness, loss and how a man comes to faith. It is a quick read with characters that are flawed. I was a little sad about the loss that  continued for Mick and Shauna. In the end the author brings happiness and renewed faith that shines a light where darkness use to be. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion. 

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  1. I appreciate you hosting me and my book, Deana! You wrote a thorough, helpful review, and it's lovely to connect with you and more readers. :D

  2. This story sounds like a true-to-life portrayal of what could have happened to a man and his family during the time setting. I appreciate realism in historical fiction along with a strong faith element.

    1. That’s right! I used some family history and stories for the timeline, and used some aspects to build my characters. I hope you win a copy, or get to read it. Nice to meet you. :)

  3. Do you have a favorite character from this book?

  4. Hi Tracie! My favorite character to write was Mick himself. He was a survivor, as we'd say now, but he didn't know it then. Hope was his strength. I hope you get to read his story. :)