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Sunday, March 31, 2024


Irma Miller thought having a family of her own would bring her joy and a sense of accomplishment, but she struggles with memories of the abuse she suffered as a child at the hand of her stepfather. When she becomes physically and emotionally abusive to her own children, she reaches out to her friend Doretta for prayer and wisdom. But Irma may find herself at an even darker emotional place before she will admit she needs professional help to heal the past traumas. Will Doretta’s letters of wisdom help Irma and her family, or will too much be broken to ever be repaired?


This series has been very enjoyable but this book will always be my favorite. The author tackles a sensitive subject with compassion and opens the doors for healing from those who have been through a similar situation. I appreciate the candid look at child abuse and how it affects many. It was particularly emotional for me as I was a victim like Irma. 

Irma was so easy to relate to because we have similar childhoods. Her abuse came from her stepfather but mine was from my father and older brother. Irma still has memories from what she endured but when she marries and moves away  she almost feels free for the first time. Lingering deep in her heart is pain, bitterness and unforgiveness. She has carried this secret for awhile. Like Irma’s mother, mine stood silently by and did nothing. The pain of not feeling safe and protected by her mother is hard to understand at times. Irma can’t understand why her mother allowed this to happen to her and never once step in to stop it.

 Irma’s husband LaVern is away from  home a lot due to his job. He has no idea that Irma is feeling stress around  the children. He is gentle and loving with his wife but he has no idea of the secrets she has been hiding. When a death in the family sends Irma back home there was definite tension between her and her mother. Irma’s mother feels guilty for what happened to her oldest daughter at the hands of her second husband. She tried to stop him but his anger turned to her. She hid bruises from everyone and I understand her feeling of helplessness. My mother did not step in at all for me and for a very long time in my life I was angry with her. 

The story shows how Irma is becoming more angry towards her children and begins to abuse them. This broke my heart. I wanted to sit next to Irma and tell her that she needs to seek help right away. Her bitterness is destroying her life and causing her children to be afraid of her. I’m so thankful that her dear friend continued to send letters to Irma and encourage her to seek help. I will leave the ending of this story for readers to see what the outcome is.

As I end my review I will share a few personal thoughts. For many years I suffered through physical and emotional abuse by my father and oldest brother. For years I cut ties to my family. I was angry that the two people who should have kept me safe didn’t. They let me know that I was not  loved by them and had never wanted me. As I finished reading Irma’s story I am thankful for the author for sharing this story. Abuse happens everyday. But there is freedom when we forgive and are forgiven. Please make sure you read the Dear Reader section at the end of the book. It will help you understand why this story is so personal to the author. I’m grateful for the author being transparent and helping me continue to forgive my parents and oldest brother everyday. 

“Bitterness blocks healing and prevents the goodness of God from shining through in our life.” 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and author. The review is my own opinion.

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