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Friday, July 17, 2015

Carly's Dream by Birdie Etchison

I received a copy from for  an honest review

When Carly was only four years old, her dad left her with his parents who were Amish. Carly is a happy , sweet and caring young woman. She tries so hard to help with chores, but she is not a very cook. When her grandmother has a stroke , she knows that running the household will be her job now. I laughed as I read how she struggled with cooking, since most Amish women are great cooks. Is there a reason why she can't cook like other Amish women?

Carly is very close to Albert , who is her uncle and enjoy spending time together. As her grandmother gets stronger after her stroke, Carly decides that she wants to meet her English grandparents.  She longs to know about them and learn more about her mother who died. When she lets everyone know her  decision to travel to meet other members of her family, Albert seems to be heartbroken. Does he have feelings for Carly that he can never act on?

The author has written a lovely story of a young woman who wants to know more about her mother and hope that someday she will see her father again. Will Carly decide to stay with her grandmother that she has started to know and want to turn away from the Amish life? The story gives us a glimpse into what a young person goes   through as they explore  rumspringa . The author shares the struggles that Carly starts to have as she begins to enjoy the comfort  of the English life and her close bond that is growing between her and her newly found grandparents.

 Will Carly to decide to stay or go home to the Amish lifestyle? . I loved the characters in the book and how the author was able to bring the story to life with her attention to detail and the graceful way her words flowed across the pages. Will the twist in the story change the feelings that Carly and Albert have for each other? This is a great book that will have you wanting to read more from the gifted author.

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