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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Who Killed my Church by R. James Shupp

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Read from July 15 to 17, 2015

Pete is the pastor of Green Street Baptist Church. He has noticed that his wife, Monica has become unhappy lately as she conveys her concern for the future of the church. Over the last several years the attendance has slowly decreased as well as the tithes for the church.

Pete is called to a meeting at the church with his financial advisors and leaders of the church. He felt like this was going to be the end of his pastoral service of Green Street Baptist Church. As he listens to the concerns of the group gathered in the room, he begins to pray for guidance, direction, or a word from God. He didn't want to leave this church and he didn't want to give up on the vision he had for the continuation of the church.

Pete remembers attending a growth conference several years ago when he heard Marcus Cunningham speak . He gives Marcus a call and arranges for them to meet. Thus begins a life changing experience for Pete, Monica and members of the church.

The author has written a very powerful story about a congregation that was willing to change and apply tools that Marcus shared with them to give life back to the church. The characters in this book are riveting and hungry for a church they once saw thriving . As you read the book you can visualize the struggles that the church was facing and how it could be related to any church in America. This may be a fiction book, but the ideas, plans and enthusiasm of a congregation to breathe new life into their church is so powerful and heartfelt that every member of a church should be required to read this book. I enjoyed the picture the author painted of a woman that had been at a church for years , to suddenly see it dying before her eyes. You could feel the pain she felt as she clicked the lights off for the last time.

The book will encourage you, bring you new vision and is a must read for Christians. It is a book that you will find yourself engrossed in as you feel the presence of a rebirth in yourself as well as insight for a thriving church and a closer relationship with God.

I was given a copy of this book from book for an honest revirew.

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