Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I always enjoy reading books from this author and couldn't wait to start. This is another big win for the author. She is consistent in her writing technique by giving readers wonderful story lines and characters we come to love or sometimes hate. I must admit I did have a few tears fall as I read this beautiful story that is a bit of the prodigal son returns meets Deadliest Catch.

Owen was the star hockey player who had it all. He was famous, nice looking and well recognized in the hockey league as a great player. One day all that changed and he runs from his troubles straight to a crabbing boat located in Alaska. This will not be an easy job as he boards the vessel ready to tackle  his new life. The authors description about crabbing was very well written and yes I thought of the shoe THE DEADLIEST CATCH as I read the riveting encounter experienced at sea. The sea is not nice and Owen finds that out quickly. Much to his surprise there is a woman on the boat. Her name is Scotty and just happens to be the captains daughter. What will happen as these two work together on the rough seas doing a dangerous job?

When Owen finds out that there is a big crisis at home, he decides to go and try to mend a relationship with his family. I won't say much about what brings Scotty home with Owen except to say this is one funny scene . Owen is so focused on getting her to follow him that he does something that shocks Scotty. When they arrive at his house, the welcome is somewhat cold from some members of the family. This is where the authors excellent writing skills shine. She is able to show a family in crisis yet willing to begin the process of forgiveness to Owen who left them without working things out. I have always heard the saying "You can never go home again." In this case that saying is wrong and as you read the story you see how a family comes together to help one of their own.

The family will be tested in their faith and struggle to overcome pain and hurt. Who can they turn to in their darkest hour? The author does a great job of showing the conflict between Owen and his brother. What secret will Owen discover? Will it push the brothers further apart or draw them closer? The book has several relationships that are worth following to see how God works things out . The key is to trust him , have faith and forgive.  I highly recommended this moving story about a family in crisis who turn to their faith for help.

I received a copy of this book from The Tyndale Blog Network for an honest review

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