Sunday, July 3, 2016


I have often heard that if someone in your family such as your parents drink or smoke, your chances of doing the same is pretty high. This book talks about how our brain can desire or want those things and how they may have been introduced to us as children. I think of it as generational dependency. No it doesn't mean you will automatically start drinking and smoking, but that desire is in your brain.

I found it interesting that the author talked about the struggles many of us go through with emotional or mental health. "It may be the result of a difficult nine months in your mother's life." I grew up in a very violent home as a child and this really opened my eyes to many things. Maybe in the womb we experience some of the trauma that our mom was dealing with.

The book is chalked full of information that will benefit each of us. As I read the chapters, I began to understand more of why I feel certain ways, and how to change those unhealthy feelings. I loved how the author wrote with easy to understand examples and explained her findings with great examples and insights . The book is a wonderful tool to use to help us understand more clearly how we think and why certain triggers  can change our health or emotions . Just by changing our diet, we may see changes in our health. I hope that as I re read this book over and over again, I can implement some of these useful tools to make my life healthier.

I really enjoyed the chapter about the enemy and how he can use anything to attack us. As long as we know who we are in Christ, we have someone to stand with us. "What if he is cunning enough to try to get at God by getting at us?" Prayer is a great tool to use against the enemy and he hates when we talk to God.

The book is one I would recommend to everyone to understand how our brain and body work. We need to get them to work together , not against each other. Thank you for including scriptures throughout the book that emphasizes how His word is helpful, encouraging and gives us hope.

"The peace of God , which transcends all understanding , will guard your hearts and you minds in Jesus Christ."
Romans 8:6

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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